“Is this the so-called part of the beast?”

At this time Board a huge tail behind,On the back, I also put a thick turtle. And these are one of the physical characteristics of the three tails.。
This is the kind of obtained“Tail beast”Recognize,is called“Perfect people”One of the capabilities you can use。
The status of the warehouse at this time Use Qirabi to say,It should be“Tail beast”status Ability to become part of the limb Even flexible applications like limbs。
Night hit A flashes back to the opposite,Just one-end hands start printing with the speed of the naked eye。
As the ground, a dramatic shaking,One is like a tsunami, and it is often moved from him.,A large amount of water is like the flood of the decissete.,Rush to opposite。
Surrounding rock and trees,Fundamentally can’t resist such horrible water pressure impact,In an instant, you instantly become a picture of Wang Yang.。
“Ice Ice Century!”
I want to solve the four generations of water and shadow only by a large water.,Obviously unrealistic。
So in a large number of Chakra,After a lot of water,Night, put your own hand to the surface of the foot。
A more powerful“Ice chest”Instant outbreak,Just still a venue of Wang Yang,Instantly, it is chemically formed into a cold ice plant.!
Iceland,A bone of bone blowing,But did not see the trace of the savist。
And I think this is solved in the night.,Iceland one position,Suddenly take a lot of water vapor,A whole body red,Limp,Can’t see the monsters of the face,Breaking through the ice layer from the ground。
Monster,Rock three tails behind,A large number of white cigarettes,The injury on the body is also a fast self-regeneration!
This is the state of the tail beast.,Human column power can be put on red tail,Extreme defense,And Chakra will get a skyrocket。
Injury,It will also be under the stimulation of Chakra,Fast repair。
The most important thing,Is the end of this state,Already able to use the end of the beast。
The sauce of the second state of the beast is at this time.,Can’t see the mouth of the mouth,Surrounding red with blue Chakra,Flying in front of his mouth with a certain proportion。
Soon a purple black tail beast,And see the wind,Explosive in front of the night in front of the very fast speed。
Night looked at the tail beast jade,Set a knife,White air flame,Hand gathered in the waist,Also shoot a blue energy light column。
In this http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn world,Night“Super-Saiyan”Not in the case of being sealed,But just to deal with the savist,Do not need to use。
Purple black tail beast jade,With the blue turtle sent aerobics in the air,Generated collision。
The ground is behind a dramatic shake,Racing a huge mushroom cloud。
Night knife cut two,Blue snacks see the wind,Direct tear collision produced mushroom cloud,Drawn ice,Go to the sauce。
“Ice broiled ice dragon!”Several lengths of ice dragons,Roaring on the ice origin,Break through the storm together,Rowing to the location of the warehouse。
Night jumps to one of the dragon of the ice dragon,Use itself“Moveness”,Control these ice dragons should have no vitality。
Susperse is not creation,Ice dragon from the time、Water dragon,In fact, it is only a form of an element.,There is no thinking ability,It is impossible http://www.zgwjjdgw.cn to have a flexible action。
But in the night“Moveness”Under control,These ice dragons are like a life that is got.,Can not only roar,Will be flexible to active your body。
Chapter 433 Ready to go to the night of wood
And the night is riding on his toy dragon,Controlling several huge ice dragons began to make poor champions。
Dragon claw tear ice,Leave a horrible claw mark,Dragon teeth,Each time,Will take a deep pit in the ground!
And the small and medium-sized tail beast jade,Chakra’s arm stretching,Ice dragon to tear into pieces in the roaring。
But all this is no ovate,Because the environment here is a large ice origin,Material,How much is it?。