She is deep:“you do not need to worry,I now know how to do it.,I have already thought of the way.,you do not need to worry。

It is best to think about it now.,When will we divorce??”
Lu Haokai got up,Laughing at her,Tone,“Gu Anan,You are governing ideas and divorce me.,Yes or no?
I see you follow me.,Give you a share of the Shandi Group.,And you,Still not knowing??”
NS1092chapter:Gu Anan,Betrayed him
Gu Anan looked at Lu Haokai,Lip corner bruises,“Lu Haokai,You also said,That is what I should,Not me not satisfied,But we are really not suitable for husband and wife.。”
Lu Haokai was filled with the ground.,Looking at Gu An’an’s eyes unpaired,“Gu Anan,When I lost the Lu Group,When you go to the villa with me?,Can you say this?。”
This woman,At that time, it was clearly seen the shares in his hands.,Her heart is full of calculations。
Lu Haokai snorted,Turn around。
When he passed by Gu An Sang,He suddenly saw the traces of Gu An’an neck,He is slightly eyebrow,Tear your collar hard,Those traces,More than the top。
Lu Haokai is deeply deep and full of heinous anger。
“Lu Haokai,what are you doing?”
Gu An An angrily, he pulls his collar.。
The look flashes a tension,This bastard,Always leave the flowers,This trace,for him,Be familiar。
Recently,Xu Jinghe is like a devil.,For all ways and her,But she damages this feeling.。
Humidity,Get a huge satisfaction。
“hehe”Lu Haoke laughed,The smile is cold, like a knife。
“Gu Anan,Very fierce,I am with you,I have never been such a fierce,turn out to be,Do you like this way to meet yourself?。”
Ridicule,Especially harsh。
Gu Anan,Betrayed him。
“Shut up,What do you say??”
Gu Anan,Some uneasy look at him。
“hehe”Lu Haoke looked coldly.,Anger away。
Rage rushing open door,See Xu Jinghe still standing at the door,He is slightly eyebrow,Not think more,Overline。
Xu Jinghe looked at Lu Haokai left,Turn around。
Gu An An is sitting on a stool.,His face is pale。
Xu Jinghe worried about Gu Anan,A face is concerned:“Anan,What’s wrong with you?”
He sleeves,Pity, stroking her pale face。
Gu An’an is a bit nervous to look at him.,“Jinghe,Lu Haokai is not willing to divorce me,He just saw the traces of my body.,I am afraid that I have doubt me.。”