“Cough……”Yuan Daozhang just cough,Immediately look at the summer with a strange look,“Seal God?

You are not a joke?”
Some sweat in summer。
Because according to the http://www.huaxinmf.cn armored mask,Feng Shen is the most powerful secret。
It is said that you can defense everything.,Can sweep all the quality。
But he has shown several times before and after,The effect is not very good。
The key is that after this is displayed,Directly take the spirit of the god,If you kill your opponent,So dead is him。
Do not do it together。
Seeing summer serious look,Yuan Daozhang is also relatively speechless。
Half half,He said,“I don’t know how you understand that hindrance from the respected ring.,But you can be sure,That is not true。”
Toned,Sway,“Do you know what is the real name of the respected ring??”
“Tai Chi ring。”
Summer said unhappy。
“What is the Taiwan??”
Summer stunned,“Taiji is to clarify the universe from nozzling,That is, the world is not open,Chaos is a state before,After http://www.nanninglianlv.cn that, Tai Chi students,And the two instruments are yin and yang。”
“Rare,It seems that you have also related research。”
Yuan Daozhang vocabulated with appreciation,“Since this,I will not review it.,But I will explain it first.,Sealing god,In fact, it is Tai Chi。”
Summer eyebrows,Some unclear。
“That is the kind of heave and the earth,Chief of chaotic,Feng Shen is no moving,Completely rely on personal comprehension,So you understand the gods,In my opinion, it is more like a possible,Not unveiled skill。”
Looking at the summer still doubts,Yuan Daogong looked loudly,“I have also studied a period of time.,But,I didn’t understand the gods.,Cough,Even……I have not comprehend any moving from the respect of the respect.。”
“Heap……”Summer is full of eyeballs,Exposing a pair you teasing my expression。
“Cough,http://www.centuryjt.cnOk,I just study some other things,If you don’t tell you?。
So I know,To the most powerful move,Be called Feng Shen。”
Yuan Daogong has taken out a breath,“Noiography,Taiji two instruments,Two instruments,Four elephants gossip,This is a process from an incoming process,When you understand the god,Can be studied more,Feng Shen stunt does not have a fixed move,But it is not your performance.,A trick,It is a heaven and earth……”Yuan Dao said a lot.。
But in summer, you can understand it from beginning to end.。
After the end,Yuan Daozhang seems to be thinking about what,Supplement,“Right,One another,Randing to practice the real seal stunt,Need to have a special ability。”
“What is it??”
Yuan Daozhang deeply looked at the summer,It means between the eyes。
Spit out a word。
“Can pass the active service。”
Summer,Heart is a wave。
Be able to make spirit,This is the secret of summer,It is also one of his base cards.。