However, this time didn’t have him in the summer.,But a slap in his back,“What are you?。” Snapped!
After the back of the brain, a hot meal pain,Ming Crane, head,Not only,“Small seed,You’re dead……”
It’s a slap in the back of the back.。
Da da da。
Ming Houxuan lost the center of gravity
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,Anger,Not from autonomous。
“Do you know what you are doing?……”
A slap。
“of course I know,Don’t you let me move your finger?,I am moving five fingers now.,satisfied?”
Summer,But the eyes are cold,Raise arms,Flavor,Take a slap in his face。
“What are you calling me??Small seed?Come,A sentence。”
Summer walks,Snapped!Another slap,“go on。”
“you,You do not want……”
Ming Hhexuan has long been swollen,Stripstick。
He grinned,Grievances,“I won’t let you go.……what!”
Summer striking,Lift your legs,“Don’t let go。”
Talk,The rotation is one leg.,Ming Hutuan swept out。
When he just fell on the ground,Summer has already walked to the past,One foot stepped on his chest,Overlook,Sound,“You put a sentence, try it.?Laozi killed you!”
His gesture,Fierce and wild,Let everyone who come in and tongue。
Especially for the past, several people who launched the summer.,Some of all。
This guy is simply a savage。
At this moment,Ming Hnexuan is stepped on the chest,Like a dead dog,Where there is a small city of Jingcheng 4th。
He looked at the summer,Viciousness,“There is a kind of you kill me.,Don’t kill me,I swear you……what——”
Not finished,Send a scream of a scream,
Because he saw the summer’s feet out of his head.。
Cold wind。
Ming Hheuan is still in despair,It seems to be afraid of the ultimate,So that his voice has become like a woman is generally sharp.。
Sweet girl is smirk。
Cool youth’s mouth is not convacted。