Real acid!!He has changed。

“Miss Song,You come,You eat,I am going out.。”
The assistant is very eye-minded,Smile and took your own breakfast.。
“Although,I made breakfast,Come together to eat together。”
Song Jiandi wears a white dress today,Simple and generous,Smile。
Lu Qiran,The smile on the face gradually became more。
He walked over and sat opposite her.。
“Although,I have a babow porridge,I know that you have always been like to drink eight treasures.,You taste。”
Song Jiandi handed him a disposable spoon。
“Thank you for condensation!Hard you,Don’t have this hard work in the future。”
Lu Shiran took a spoon to drink porridge,Elegant action。
Eight treasure porridge is placed with sugar,He took a bite,Ate,There is no feeling of sweetness.,Instead, I looked at the Song Jia Ding.,He is drinking porridge, never put sugar。
After eating one or two,He put the spoon down。
Song Jiandi is a little nervous.。
“What happened,Although,Don’t you eat??”
She also eats himself.,Sweet,Very delicious。 Lu Yuli shook his head,“Delicious,But I have no appetite.,You eat it.。”
Lu Lanran could not help but re-examine the girl in front of him.。
He knows all her preferences.,And she,To him,It seems that there is not much care。
“Awfully……”“Come in。”
Lu Shiran is a little bit bad at the door.。
Le Zhenxi pushed the door,Lu Qiran started:“Mummy,How did you come??”
Le Hao is happy to look at the son,Rendeze your head and touch his head:“Mommy came to see,Your mother said that you didn’t have breakfast.,Worried that you will be hungry。”
Le Yu said,I found someone in his office.,At first glance, Song Jiaru,Her face changed。
“Le Director,Good morning!”
Song Jianduo smashed,Automatically ignore the indifference in Le Yu。
Le Yu smiles,“Morning!”
Two breakfasts looking at the table,She will understand instantly.。
“Entirely,Go eat breakfast first.,Lunch and mum together。”
Le Yu is 50 years old.,There is no major change in appearance,It’s still so charming。