The father said,Door is pushed open,Yuan Mei came in。

“Father,Sorry,I am a little bit……”
At this time, Yuan Mei is still half a branch.,More than one, there must be temperament.。
“Do nothing,You have something to do.,Don’t have to come over。”
Yuan Mei is a wife of Changzi Luotian Mu,There are also more than forty years old today.,Master will naturally not give a daughter-in-law。
“Have you already founded??”
Yuan Mei swept in the field,Specially stayed on your husband Luo Tianmu body for a few seconds,Follow you,Some apologized,“Father,Me,In fact, I have something to say.……”
Luo Laozi is slightly stunned,Re-market Yuan Mei,Spirate,“Well,Sit down and say。”
After the end,Back to go back,Everyone who has been standing is also sitting down.,Some are surprised to watch Yuan Mei。
“Father,I just saw the young man named summer.,He hit a group of children of our Lushan.。”
Yuan Mei knows the character of the father,No winding,Open the door to see the mountain pass,“Three thousand machines,Thousand stones in our house,The old clouds and thousands of sea,There is also a thousand and thousands of old and thousands of people.……”
Her words have not been finished,The face of everyone has changed.,God flashes。
Someone looked at Luo Tianfeng and Lu Xiaosu couple,And some people frequently 瞟 老 天 穆。
People are so,Do not understand the summer’s identity before the origin,Most people in Luo family have no feelings in the summer.。
Wood show in Lin Feng must destroy。
He is big today,Although I got the appreciation of my father,But the same is a lot of people who have smoked Luo family.。
But,Knowing his identity,I learned that he did some things he did through his father.,Everyone’s mentality has changed slowly.。
This is not to be afraid of summer or to hear him.,Luo Family is good, it is a giant big,Not so much。
This mentality change,It is an energy that is very contrast。
He is a boyfriend of Luo Qianjin,And Luo Qianjin is also a daughter of Lok Tianfeng.……For Rouchengjin returned to the family,There is no objection again.。
After converting the mentality,Summer became a person,Have their own generations……Late endage,It should be appreciated,Not enemy。
This is this meeting,Change of everyone。
Can now Yuan Mei’s words,Let everyone fall into embarrassment。
“Father,That young man is too much like it.。”
Yuan Mei seems too excited,Resulting in a little change in sound,This is no wonder she,In fact, I have just vomited blood by summer.。
She naturally pays attention to changes in people’s face,Can be seen in her,Most people in Luojia will stand on this side.。
After all, there are more people who support Luo Tianmu.,Many people are hugging for this。
“Father,I have no opinions about Qianjin’s child.,But the young man named summer,I firmly oppose him and thousands of gold together.,Moreover,He a small security guard,Is there any qualification to do our Losjia’s son-in-law?,Thousand peaks,Xiao Su,I am not for you.,I am thinking about family interests.……”
From ancient times,No matter how men and women,The giants are paying attention to the door。
This concept has been deep into the bones.,If you must say a straightforward point,In fact, it is to hook with fame and fortune.。
Yuan Mei is thinking of standing on a big meaning,Seems justice,For the family think,Barabara said a lot。
In her opinion,Waiting yourself,As long as the husband’s statement,So the vast majority of people will support themselves。
I think that the dead little bastard will be driven out from Luo.,Yuan Mei’s heart is a burst,Hidden angle。
She said,Suddenly I can’t say it.。
Because,Many people’s eyes are getting more and more quirky,And should support your husband Luo Tianmu,It is an angry at this moment.,Continuous use of your eyes。
Even if it is the best Luo Tianzhen,This is also frequently enabled。