“I will marry you when I grow up!Really。”Zhao Luo said seriously。

“I will love you forever!wait for me,I will be rich right away,I will come back to marry you。”Zhao Luo said again。
slowly,Xia Shuyue’s dream has switched to childhood,She is playing with Zhao Luo,The two played the bride and groom skillfully,I went to middle school in a while,The two secretly hold hands occasionally。
162 Dreams do not come true
after that,Arrived at university,Is already a place where you can openly fall in love,The two often walk hand in hand in the shade of the campus,I often read books together in the library、Do the problem,Good four years,Just passed by。
Not long,Zhao Luo’s figure slowly became blurred,Xia Shuyue looked back,Eyes wide open,But can’t see Zhao Luo’s face,Zhao Luo was dragged away by an arm。
Zhao Luo couldn’t help but walk with people,Keep looking back at her,Call her name,What are you talking about。
She turned her ears to listen carefully,I can’t hear what Zhao Luo said。
“you’re awake?”
Xia Shuyue woke up in panic,Rubbing eyes,Seeing myself covered in a suit。
“Why are you here?”Uncle standing in front of her,Xia Shuyue embarrassedly picked up the suit,Stood up,Pass the clothes to uncle。