This is over,Wei Feng smiled directly and planned。

Zhao Pengyu also did not expect Zhaojia Village’s land contractor.,Looking at Wei Feng’s contract,He also didn’t say anything。
But followed by,Wei Feng will let the engineering team have a batch of entering villages to get a large shed.,Then who want to help plant vegetables to register,Help planting vegetables a day one hundred five。
This price instantly has a lot of women who want to work in Lotus Village.。
Although the price of lotus village is better than yourself in the village.,However, earning money at home must be easier than other villages.,Comfortable。
With Wei Feng in Zhaojia Village,Li Hui Feng also knows the situation。
But as long as you don’t touch his pig farm,And the mountains of the mountains surrounded by him,So these are too lazy。
Even if the other party competes with him,I am afraid I have to say autumn.。
After all, his current greenhouse vegetables are already ripe.。
Strawberry is more selling hot。
Take a wave of strawberries,Many people have even already taken half of the money she owe him.。
Such amount,Many people in Lianhua Village have seen hope。
Li Hui also didn’t expect these people to have money.,Originally he thought it was going to drag it again.。
More and more people pay more in the village,Li Hui Feng’s fund is also more and more。
The investment of the mountain is just beginning.。
The construction of the village pipeline has just started。
These little old houses that are renovated by the leaves,But there is a vitality,A new。
Especially those newly planted flowers,Don’t have a nativeness。
Xu Laofu is a little frowning this time.。
He has been busy with the village.,Son is always in prison,It is good to say according to the truth.。
But he waited for a few times, no movement.。
Think of Li Hui’s relationship with Song Ting,He wants Li Hui to help with the wind.。
It’s just to see that Li Hui Feng is busy with the village.,He doesn’t know how to open again.。
Hesitate,He still decided to find Li Hui Hui to help.。
And Li Hui Feng was watching in Zhao Tiezhu’s big cake shop.。
The machine he ordered came early.,Since there is no in the village,He let Zhao Tiezhu signed。
Zhao Tiezhu two days have also touched the trick these days.,Motto is also getting better and better。
Looking at a row of big cakes, lying in the pan, exudes the tempting fragrance,Li Hui is also happy.。
Just now I ate a piece,Taste is very delicious。
And Zhao Tiezhu is basically not catching the nurses in the evening.,Because the big cookie is a day than a day。
Even already have to cover the lamb soup.。
During this time, it is busy in the moment.。
Liu Mei wants to discuss employers,But Zhao Tiezhu is distressed。
Why can’t I say it?。
Today, Li Hui Feng is,Liu Mei started to get started。