Li Tianzhang’s face was blue and white,Shouted:“Uncle De,Increase the dose!”

Uncle De will take out a large bag of crisps from the backpack,The giant elephant is“Quack”The sound of,The elephant’s trunk aimed at the fire and spewed a stream of water,Suddenly the fire was sprayed out with Uncle De。
Chen Xiu was stunned from hiding in the distant grass,Muttering:“Can this elephant understand people??How do you know how to break the fire first!”
Gu Rimou said:“Evolve into a first-order beast,Is already equivalent to the IQ of a five-year-old child!”
“Five years old?I think at least seven years old!”
After the giant elephant broke free of the barbed wire,It’s even more freely waving the trunk,It’s beat everyone upside down,Two more masters were trampled into flesh by its elephant legs,Seeing Chen Xiu’s eyebrows jump。
“I think Liu Yibai can’t deal with the giant elephant anymore,Let’s withdraw!”
“it is good……and many more!”
Gu Rimou pulled Chen Xiu back into the grass,Point to the giant elephant and say:“Do you think it looks drunk。”
I saw that the giant elephant was still fierce,But when I run, I sway from side to side,Like a drunk person。
“It should still be effective!”
Liu Yibai and Li Tianzhang also saw that the elephant was wrong,Shouted in unison:“Everyone spread out and fight with it,Hold on for a while and it will be numb!”

Quack quack quack……”