He Yumei,Turning his eyes and cursing:“This grandson Lu Hao is a coward,A good land became a big dirt pit under his leadership。People who are afraid of,What village chief。Why not go home and hug the baby”

“Talk nonsense,Does this help or not?It’s too late to help”Yao Junli put her hands on her shoulders,Walking around on the ground。She suddenly broke such a sentence。
First2264chapter Burn with fire
“Can i say no more?”He Yumei’s eyes widened in anger,She yelled at Yao Junli loudly。Look like fighting。
Yao Junli won’t let go,She replied loudly:“Hurry up if you want to help,It’s too late”
“What did you say you did earlier?Even if i help you,It takes time!Moreover。Wormwood,It’s not so easy to clean up”He Yumei complained,Took out a very old phone,So I started calling one by one。
Xia Jian was thinking too,He Yumei’s complaint is right。He grew up in the countryside,It’s not easy to do such a job。And now it’s time for dinner again,Call out,Is also very difficult。
suddenly,Xia Jian’s brain came to life,He already has a daring idea。When He Yumei finishes the call,Xia Jian hurriedly said with a smile:“Sister Yumei!I have an idea,You see it doesn’t work”On other people’s turf,Of course you have to listen to others,So Xia Jian looked very respectful。
“talk!You don’t say it,how could I know”He Yumei said coldly。Such a beautiful woman,How to speak so coldly,It really doesn’t match her appearance。
Xia Jian glanced at Yao Junli,I was a little excited and said to He Yumei:“Look at sister Yumei!Such a big piece of land,It’s too late to clean up these weeds,Better to use fire”
“nonsense,Although this land is barren,But it burned all at once,The fire will be scary。The fire department that will be alarmed,This is so big。Moreover,We are also people on the edge of the suburbs”He Yumei denied Xia Jian’s statement on the spot。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Sister Yumei!I also thought of this。Let’s not burn all at once,But burn it in small pieces。I have seen this land,Due to sand。So it is described as isolated into small pieces。In this case,Artificial sand treatment in front,The back can be burned with fire”
“Ah!You have a lot of spooky ideas in this city,This method should work”After Xia Jian told her true thoughts,He Yumei immediately changed her mind。