“See you driving for so long,May be tired。How about I’ll give you a meal,You can have a good meal after get off work in the evening”Bai Li is very considerate。At this point,She’s really qualified as a secretary。

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“I’ll go down and eat!The office tastes too much。You should get me the accountant quickly,Because the accountant urgently needs to handle the subsequent work”
Xia Jian said,I walked downstairs quickly。He casually ate a bowl of noodles in a small shop on the roadside,Then went upstairs,What he cares most about now is the accountant。
About two o’clock,Bai Li walked into Xia Jian’s office with a tall woman。This woman has a nice face,I can’t talk about being pretty。
“President Xia!This is Chen Lan who came to apply for an accountant”Bai Li is introducing Xia Jian。
Chen Lanchong Xia Jian smiled and said:“Mr. Xia!”
“Hello there!Please sit down。We don’t need to be polite,Closer to home,Let’s have an interview!Next I will ask some questions,Hope you answer seriously”Xia Jian said,Signaled Bai Li to close the door and leave。Chen Lan nodded,So he sat down on the chair opposite Xia Jian。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,His question started。Ask professional questions,Xia Jian as a layman,I certainly don’t know much about this Chen Lan,But ask something related to accounting,Xia Jian is quite experienced。
A good question,And the other one is very skillful。Time passes by one minute and one second,Xia Jian talked with this Chen Lan,Just over two minutes。Bai Li, who is sitting outside, can’t sit still,She kept getting up,But Chen Lan just didn’t come out。
From one question and one answer to two people talking happily。Xia Jian even forgot that he was interviewing someone,It seems that two old acquaintances are chatting。
Because both of them are thereGZWorked,So they have the same understanding of some advanced management in the South。
Talking about five o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian thinks Chen Lan has a wide range of knowledge,And through conversation,He also thinks this person is good,Is a person who pays attention to quality,So he smiled and said:“Today we talked well,I think you are qualified for the position of accountant in our company”
“Thank you Mr. Xia for your trust。Tell the truth,Before I came to your company for an interview,I always think this company is too small,No room for my development。I found out after asking,President Xia turned out to be a man in the business world。Among the young people of our generation,I’m afraid no one can match,So I made up my mind,Must follow Xia Jian to do something”
Chen Lan said excitedly。See out,These words she said are definitely her heartfelt words。
“I will ask you one last question,What does your husband do?Is your hometown from Pingdu??”Xia Jian suddenly remembered this question。
Chen Lan smiled and said:“My husband is a primary school teacher,Teaching at a primary school in the suburbs。I’m an out-and-out urbanite,Both parents are doctors in the hospital,All back now”
“So I can rest assured,Because you know the new company,Sometimes travel,Also work overtime。If the family situation is unstable,This job is hard to do”Xia Jian expressed his concerns。
Chen Lan smiled and said:“Don’t worry about this,I got married first,The second child is three years old,Brought to me by my parents。So after work,There will be no marriage and maternity leave,Just go to work”