Kind of supernatural、The extremely mysterious level of power and absolute control over power are unimaginable,Although Li Tianzhi’s physical fitness is much stronger than ordinary people,But there is still a big gap between the artistic conception depicted in that picture。

What’s the problem?Is the picture just an exaggerated mood,Not actual?The painter would be so boring to waste a few valuable skins?Li Tianchou is puzzled。
of course,He is not in a hurry,Quan Dang is an accidental discovery,Just study it,Or do this action several times according to the gourd painting,Then try to figure it out,Thinking of the moment when the cheetah pounces,I even went to the pond at the foot of the mountain to observe the jumping movements of the toad。
Unfortunately it still has little effect,It’s just that practicing a few sets of these moves every day has gradually become a habit,No trouble,It can also strengthen daily exercise、Better adjust the coordination of the body from static to explosive state,So repeatedly,I’m happy about it。
The only discovery,Or it can be called harvest,It’s when I saw in the lower abdomen deep in my consciousness that there is a light and shadow wandering,The size of a pigeon egg,Pure white,Very dim,This thing has a very small range,Just go around the pubic area,Sometimes I don’t realize it carefully,Can’t see。
When did light and shadow appear,Li Tianchou really didn’t care,I don’t know if I have practiced the movements in the picture.,As for what it does,He pondered for a long time,Trying to understand or guide this thing with consciousness,But it didn’t work,This thing has no substance,Not projection,No temperature,Nothingness inside,Can’t capture and sense,Once the consciousness leaves,It doesn’t exist at the pubic area。
Completely unable to speak,This weird thing,This is the first time Li Tianchou met,So he really did something,Hold your head and sit in the purple garden every day,Use your consciousness to detect the light and shadow,Meditate when tired,There are many Taoist methods of self-cultivation in Zangjing Pavilion,Li Tianchou came by hand,Will recover soon。
Explore your body with consciousness,Is a very rare ability,Mystery is endless,Li Tianchou can’t say clearly about this experience,Was sent to a training camp by the instructor,He only dabbled in very partial subjects,But the scientific community blames this ability as a supernatural function,A kind of mind,Is that the case,Still arguing in the theoretical circle。
In Europe in the 1970s, two cases of people with such special functions were found,Their common feature is abnormal brain waves,Momentary emotional explosion,Can carry current that ordinary people can hardly reach,And can perform simple physical exercises by mind。
such as,Stand still,The thinker can let the broom clean the courtyard,You can also make the pebbles fly up suddenly to attack the target, etc.,But use consciousness to explore your body,Only one documented case,Also happened in Europe。
It’s said that this person saw that his stomach grew another one,I also said that there was magma in my head about to erupt,This person was later diagnosed as a lunatic,In a mental hospital,But he died soon,A medical scholar dissected his body,I was surprised to find that this person’s stomach did grow a stomach-like lumps the size of a duck egg,Actually a tumor,But the cause of death was not tumor,Is a cerebral hemorrhage,Intermittent cerebrovascular splits。
Li Tianzhen found that he has such an ability,or,Supernatural person,But not born,of course,The formation process has been twists and turns。
The first experience I had was a few years ago,He suffered a gunshot wound and was rescued by Uncle Geng,Seeing that I can’t make it,The companion soul was born in the deep pool of mind,Turn the tide,Saved his life。
Since,Li Tianzhen found that his consciousness suddenly became very strong,Seems to be able to peel and blend freely from the whole mind,Perception is also extremely powerful,Even more amazing is that consciousness has independent sensory abilities,What stands out is sight and smell,Just like normal physiological functions,He is able to explore the internal tissues of his body through consciousness、organ,Can even feel their smell,It’s amazing。