Can you change one way??

People’s master president128Wan’s cake,Lu Haocheng only eats every year128of,It’s really broken his identity.。”
Ou Jingli bowed gifts,“A becomes like this taste of cake。
This is the heart of Aunti,I wish you a twenty-eight year old year.。
Moreover,Actually bought a diamond cufflink this year??
A pair of more than ten thousand?”
Lin Wei couldn’t help but a few times,“You are all rich people?”
Su Shengming looked at him,Hoe:“Your annual salary is 5 million,And your father is a famous university professor.,Mom is a supermarket boss,You still say that you don’t have money.?”
Lin Wei looked at Su Seiming smiles,Asked:“Do you make 50 million in your family??”
Su Sei Ming is sorry to touch the nose,“I have to earn around 10 million I personally.。”
Lin Wei is smilling,“so,I have no qualifications in the rich.。”
Su Seiming laughed:“Not show off,It is because it is not inferior。
Have you heard of it??
Self-defense,Lack of love。”
Lin Biao laughed,Not talking。
“All right,Let it go。”
Each carrying gifts,Go to the villa。
Le Yu, this whole day,Some nervous and look forward to,Today is Lu Hao’s birthday,She knows that Mu Zi will will come.。
She changed a red new dress,A long hair,Her head was combed into the head,The whole person is noble and charming。
At this time,Everyone has come to the living room.,Long table,Full of all kinds of delicacies,Careful arrangement in the living room,The atmosphere is warm and romantic。
Hear the doorbell,Le Yu is nervous。
Mu Qing to open the door,See Ou Jing, they,She laughed and loving,“Landscape,Boast,颢 天,come on in。”
“Thank you Xu Xi!”
Three people laugh。
Le Yu has not heard the name of Mu Zihao,The whole person instantly lost。
Blue Xin, a pink dress,It is Lu Haocheng to give her a detailed selection.,Just to match the light gray suit with him tonight,Let him a lot of dazzling。
Blue Xin looked in a few people who came in and did not move.,She quickly looked at the beside.,Seeing her face lost,Her heart hurts.。
Mu Zihao did not come,Heart is very bad。
She smiled and gently held a hand of Le Yu.。
Le Yu looked at her shallow smile,“Blue,I’m ok,You don’t have to worry about me.。”