“Cui brother,I still have a word.,Don’t use things to do,Otherwise, I will come to retrieve everything I teach you.。”

“Li Ge,do not worry,100%。”
Looking at Cui Yongan,Li Hui also does not know that this decision is good or bad.。
On the evening,Li Hui Feng directly let Cui Yongan send him into the mountain range。
And Li Hui’s position is the location of cultivation.。
Because the trees in those cave are more than a thick,At the same time, the concentration of the aura is also much more than any place around.。
Li speaks directly to the knees directly,Then cultivate。
This time he is no longer a purposeful.,It is slowly separated,Then get together。
Time to the past。
Li Hui’s surroundings,They are all withered。
Until the day after three months,Li Hui has gone from the space.。
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-nine chapters
This time,He also learned a lot from the jade inside space.,At the same time, it also understands that the so-called cultivation is not necessarily, it is necessary to practice with the previous cultivation.。
But the big probability of walking is still going through the road.,Because the road has been verified that countless times is the right path。
Li Hui’s appearance again,Direct exercise crazy plundering everything around。
At the same time, the spiritual power in Dantian is constantly turning,Continuous condense in Dantian,compression。
Green life,Black death atmosphere,Red violent breath,Blue cold breath plum apart from the wind this time you want to complete the integration of multiple systems。
Whether it is golden water,Still otherwise。
Large area around the forest,Surrounding white snow is also gradually melting。
But all Li Hui is too far,Everything disappears。
The cave that was previously covered by the Jinglin directly appeared in front of Li Hui Feng.。
Sky Black Cloud。
Black cloud appears in sunny day in winter,This abnormal phenomenon makes many people feel unexpected.,Especially in the black clouds flashing,It is also highlighting that it is not normal.。
Li Hui also felt different,It seems that the black cloud is to lock him.。
Boom Runner is getting bigger and bigger,Lightning is never dying。
But the longer this,Li Hui is, the more it feels terrible.。
He never thought that it could also attract thunder.。
Bang!Be awkward!After a thunder,A lightning will go straight to him.。
Li Hui Feng knows that hiding is hiding.,Direct support。
But the body cover doesn’t seem to use it.,A touch。