What else is there??Even if it is a person who doesn’t deal with Gao Baoyi,At this point, you can only follow the trend.,Everything is waiting for the segment and others!

“Chen, etc. have no objection,Chu Wang used soldiers such as God,Stroke,Can set up Jinyang insurgents,Do not。”
Yang Wei stood up at this time to Gao Baoyi“endorsement”,Although he is still some ideas in his heart,At this moment, it is not said.。Honest,Gao Baoyi’s wrist is too powerful,Yang Hao is a little to eat,Now everything is based on compromise and maintenance.。
“Such very well。Yang Zauxian,The funeral of the Empress,Will you do it?。”
Yang Hao is also an example of Zhao Zhaojun.“son in law”,The son-in-law office,This is indeed,Li Zuyu’s suggestion is not appropriate。
Yang Hao retreats,Overall situation,No more people jumped out to sing different tuning。
I don’t know if I am not good.,The grievances in Li Zugu have come out.,How many hatred annihilates,Today, she obviously felt that the stone in the heart didn’t have it.,There is a kind of difficulty feeling。
certainly,She knows today in the morning.,Before dawn,Gao Boyi is an emergency into the palace,Popular,And Yang Yao,They died in three people.“Big show”!
Unique,Scented and attitude。This person has never been“Royal Party”Family,Gao Baoyi’s clear list。If he does not express today,Gao Bao will take advantage of various means,Let him gradually。
Although Gao Bi knows that this person is fighting,Especially defense is very powerful。
Among people,If you can’t use it for yourself,That can only be hidden or smart.。otherwise,Investing into the enemy,Will bring yourself a pile of trouble。
This is“It is a cruel to the enemy.”。
And why Gao Bao Yi let Yang Yao quietly retreats to the main hall.?Because he came back from Jinyang,It is necessary to kneel life,We will experience many things。If all said,There is too much flaw there.。
Then,It will make people feel,Yang Huoxue is Gao Baoyi to Zhao Zhaojun.“Undercover”The fact is just this,This is too obvious.,Effect will be discounted。
From this time,Gao Boyi reached all the purposes they wanted.,In one way,Also“Chaos”The pot is gone to Duan Qi.。
After the party,Gao Bao is not slow and unlikely out of the Quinthown Royal Palace,Come out,I saw Yang Wei waiting for him outside the gate.。
“Yang Zaician now doesn’t go back to comfort Taiyuan princess??”
Gao Baoyi asked。
Yang Hao has no expression shook his head.:“boarding,We talk on the car。”After that, climb the car,Waiting for Gao Bao。
Yang Wei this person is a bit dead brain,Squeeze“Pedantical”。Gao Baoyi helpless,Whispered:“What is Yang Zaichi to teach me??”
“Today’s play,Be very exciting,I am also a later known,Just too late。”
Yang Shuzhen:“I have no space of cyclone today.,What do you plan to do??”
“Duan Qi they must think that we can’t take the initiative,I have to take the army of Jinyang.,A step step!”
Gao Boyi clenching fist,That expression seems to be in the world, no one can defeat him.。
“Are you crazy??Rely on the high wall of Yucheng,Relying on the risk of water,You can also block them.。If it is with the army with those freshbed people in the mountains,You are not worthless!”
Yang Wei lowered,I can’t wait to give Gao Boyi a few slaps!
Even if you have a strong capital,Take this to the waves,I will also kill myself.。
“Say to host everyday government affairs,I am far less than you.。Saassato fight,Ten you add more than I!Put your heart in your belly,Since you will think so,Duan Qi they will think so too.。
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NS926chapter Kaifu Jianshi(superior)
Whether it is North Qi or North Week,Have an official title“Kaifu Tongs”,Dragonfly,It finally became only a symbolic meaning,It is a title of the court to recognize the minister.。
Actually,“Kaifu Tongs”Original meaning,It is the real power of the local road.,That is to give you“Kaifu Jianshi”Power,Let you build in a certain place“Small court”,Coordinate local military politics,For war needs。
This type of system is actually with North Qi“Row”Institutional emphasis,Starting from the era of Gao Huanfa,I have been working。This is an emergency call,Gao Biyi got the power that he was most wanting.,That is theoretical“Coordinate all soldiers and horses in Qi”!
Don’t look only a facade project,County counties have their own rules,Never say that you can coordinate,but,This righteous is as long as you have,I will slowly clean up the strengths of all places.!
For example, Yanzhou’s dermishen is envy and Gao Rui。
In order to deal with Jinyang strong army,Then you must coordinate all the soldiers of Qi,Take the country,Talent。From this perspective,This all-in-one is really mainly。
Objective,Gao Bo Yi has organized all the soldiers and horses of Qi Dang,That is the power to hold!Nowadays, there is no way.,Who can deprive the high-powered military and horses that defeated Xianbei in Jinyang Six Town?
Why not call“Trushen Chinese and foreign military”Woolen cloth?