He had to stride out at the same time as the girl Li,Both rushed to Xiaojie,Bent over to hug Xiaojie。

Lu Menglin and Carlo still stay in place,Both are motionless,It’s just that the latter’s complexion is a bit solemn。
I didn’t wait for Liu Guofeng to recover,I only heard a flutter,Then I feel stiff all over,And fell to the ground one after another with the girl Li,Both fell in front of Xiaojie。
Dragon King holding snake stick,Burst into laughter。
“idiot!All are idiots!”The Dragon King smiled triumphantly。
Liu Guofeng fell to the ground with a stunned look,It took a while to react,Hoarse anger:“Xiaojie is poisonous?”
“nonsense!Xiaojie was poisoned by him,Live examples are in front of you,You two are still fooled,What can i do?”Lu Menglin spread his hands,With a wry smile。
“Sorry,I can’t stop you!”Carlo shook his head apologetically。
It seems that only these two are true·smart people,That’s why I didn’t have the big pawn of the Dragon King。
Dragon King holding snake stick,First, a face of complacency,But when his eyes fell on Lu Menglin,The smile on his face gradually solidified,Then disappeared。
Because the kid who claims to be rich,Behaved too calmly and calmly,He shouldn’t be in this mood!Isn’t everything in my calculations?
?Why does he show that expression?There was compassion in his eyes,Just like,Like watching a fool。
“What do you look at?You got something,But can you use it?”Lu Menglin finally spoke impatiently,And in the phrase,The Dragon King was speechless。
Only then did the Dragon King carefully look at the magical artifact in his palm,This thing looks like a short walking stick,I don’t know what material it is made of,But how can this thing be used to control super mutant creatures??
“I don’t bully you,Try it yourself first!Find me again!”Lu Menglin looked impatient,Waved,Said very generously。
The Dragon King really started to fiddle with this staff,He tried his luck and squeezed it a few times,As strong as a cow into the sea,quietly,In addition to being hard,And nothing happens。
Then he tried to communicate with this stick with mental power,The result is still no feedback,This result plunged the Dragon King into deep contemplation,He is not confident anymore。
thought,A self who has both strength and mental power variation,Is the most likely to master this big killer,But why doesn’t this thing respond??This shouldn’t be!
“This,How is this going?You lied to me!”The Dragon King was anxious and angry。