Jack·Welch did not speak,He doesn’t know what to say。
Of course he knows this situation exists in the company,The reason for this situation is also very simple,Some shareholders believe that Mr. Fernandez has made a strong takeoverAMC’S practice harmed their interests、Psychological imbalance,To make my heart feel better,They deliberately stumbled Mr. Fernandez on the board、Hold back,Even if you know it won’t help、Can’t stop Mr. Fernandez, who has an absolute controlling stake.,Also tireless、Enjoy it,As if to show your own existence、Like to oppose。
Before,Jack·Welch thinks this situation is normal,Which company doesn’t have a few such damn ones、You obviously hate to die but you can’t help fleas,Even General Electric, where he stayed before, is no exception,Obviously is a company,The internal bureaucracy is as serious as Capitol Hill,He always thought that when the company became bigger、This kind of situation will surely occur after the existence of the enterprise,Also known as the disease of large enterprises。
But obviously,This new boss doesn’t think so,After discovering the small actions of these small shareholders,He does not intend to tolerate this situation,Maybe this cooperation is also……
Thought of here,Jack·Welch shivered suddenly,Asked quickly:“boss,You will not be……not……”
“what are you thinking,”Watching jack·Welch’s horrified look,Chen Geng laughed immediately:“Not as complicated as you think。”
Jack·Welch looks at Chen Geng,The expression on his face clearly expresses his meaning:Do you think I will believe this?
“Really do not have,”Chen Geng waved his hand again,Seriously to Jack·Welch says:“Regardless ofAMCAre you willing to participate in this project?,This project must be promoted,This is aboutAMCfuture30Years in the core competitiveness of the automotive industry,As for killing some people,Just a little bit……When you are going to decorate your house,Would you mind throwing away a few pieces of old furniture that have not been used for many years??”
Jack·Welch was speechless again:The few small shareholders who lost out are jumping very hard,It seems so existential,Dare to be in the eyes of Mr. Fernandez,They are just the kind of dispensable、Old furniture that needs to be thrown away when decorating the house!This is really……
honestly,This time,Those damn shareholders actually gave Jack·Welch’s trip、Pull hind legs,Is there any way,No matter how few shares they hold,That’s also the company’s shareholder,The company has a part of them,No matter how much power you have,It’s just a senior worker,May be swept out at any time,Jack·Welch certainly has scruples about them。
but now,The situation is different,Now that the big boss is ready“Clean up the garbage”Up,What do you have to worry about??
Thinking that there will be no damn fetters in the future,Jack·Welch suddenly found himself a little excited。
“OK,I know what to do,”Jack·Welch nodded:“I assure you,This cooperation will be carried out smoothly,”Paused,Jack·Welch finally couldn’t hold back the doubts in his heart,Speak to Jack·Welch asked:“Boss,I just don’t understand,In this project,Why would youAMCPut it in a secondary position?Logically,This project should not be based onAMCIs it the Lord??”