“It’s not too big,You know,As long as my company is engaged in automotive business,”Chen Geng’s free way:“Just one or two billion a year。”

One or two billion a year……The unit is undoubtedly USD……
Old Ding’s throat suddenly appeared“Huh~~”Rang twice,He guessed that this young man seems to be rich,But I didn’t expect this guy to be so rich。
Lian, who was also by the side, was full of only one thought in his mind:I found the treasure!I found the treasure!
I thought I had a big fish weighing 100 jin,I didn’t expect it to be a whale!
“Isn’t bragging like that??”Some people can’t help it,Taunt:“One or two billion business volume a year,I don’t know which family Mr. Chen you are in?I have heard of a few big families with names and surnames in North America,Why didn’t you know there was someone like you??”
One or two billion dollars a year,Even if only5%Profit,That’s almost1000Ten thousand dollars in net profit,This is the lowest and lowest situation,In fact, you have to start with tens of millions of dollars,Among the Chinese in North America,Earn tens of millions a year、The family surnamed Chen,Come come,One counts one,You give me one!
Chen Geng shook his head and smiled,Too lazy to care about these guys,Even if I prove it to you,What benefit can i get?
But Chen Geng shook his head,In the eyes of the person who initiated the questioning,The meaning is obvious:This is obviously caught by myself。Consider yourself a bullXThis old man immediately gained power:“young people,It’s nothing more than bragging with friends,Here are your elders,Bragging in front of us,Are you qualified?Do you have that qualification?……Uh,you……what are you doing?”
The proud one who is talking about,Looking at Statham with a fierce face in front of him,I feel a little frustrated,I can’t help but make a knot in my tongue。
“boss?”Statham did not look back,Whispered to Chen Geng for instructions。
“Ignore him,This is Huaxia Liaison Office in the U.S.,Don’t mess up,”Chen Geng waved his hand,Apologizing to Comrade Old Ding and Chief Lian:“Chief Lian,Deputy Director Ding,I’m sorry,It seems to be causing trouble for both of you。”
“What Mr. Chen said?”Lian Changheng’s smile is called a hearty:“All our guests are here,Is there any trouble??”
He has made up his mind,Must activate all the power that can be activated,Do your best to investigate and understand what Chen Geng is about,If you really are a billionaire,Then make a lot of money:A billionaire Chinese and overseas Chinese who is kind to China,This is for China, which is about to implement a U-turn strategy,I can’t describe it too much。
As for Chen Geng is a real cowXStill pretendingX,I’ll know when the investigation is clear?Anyway, based on his shots and performance these times,Still a little bit reliable。
First45chapter The local tyrant’s way
Looking at the stack of dollars that Chen Geng put on the table……About5000USD,Because the thickness is similar to that given by Chen Geng before……Lian Changheng and Ding Haijun looked at each other:What does it mean?Donated to China this month5000Didn’t you just give the dollar??
Ding Haijun’s reaction was faster,Ask Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,You are……”