But now,Without precautions,Chen Geng actually gave himself such a precious opportunity for cooperation,For a time,Zhang Zongping only feels that his throat is blocked,I seem to have a thousand words,But I can’t say a word。

“As for you……”
Without waiting for Zhang Zongping to speak,Chen Geng turned his head again and said to everyone:“I won’t sell it,Everyone present,Can participate in our project,Probably not a lot。”
Not many people are qualified to come in and get a share?
Heard Chen Geng’s words,Not only was everyone not depressed,Instead, all eyes brightened:Chen Geng is willing to give the big guy a chance?
No one thinks that Chen Geng will give everyone present a chance to cooperate,As long as IQ is online,All know it’s impossible,My face is not that big。
One of those present counts as one,I feel like a mirror in my heart,This kind of money-making project,How many people cry and want to cooperate with Chen Geng,Chen Geng must be very strict with the selection of partners,And myself,Today is to try your luck,As long as Chen Geng is willing to give the big guy a break,Even if I am here today。
Now it seems,Chen Geng is really particular。
But not everyone is satisfied with Chen Geng’s answer,For example, someone shouted:“Chen Dong,Tell me,What is your condition?”
“Yes yes,Chen Dong,Everyone is a descendant of Yanhuang,You should take care of our own people first?”
Listening to these words, it’s obvious that I intend to take advantage of myself,The expression on Chen Geng’s face has not changed,Slightly nodded:“The computer hypermarket project is now in charge of Miss Rosemary, the general manager of our company.,Who is interested in this project,You can talk to Miss Rosemary directly。”
I still have to speak when I see someone,Chen Geng waved his hand:“Today is New Year’s Eve,The gentlemen of the embassy took a lot of thought for today,Let’s not care about these two cents,Live well this year is serious,Am I right?”
“Yes yes,”Chen Geng’s voice fell,Zhang Zongping smiled immediately:“Chen Dong is right,Today is the most important day of the year,Don’t say this,Don’t say this,Today we big guys have one task:Eat well and drink well!”
PS:Bros,Sorry,Can’t write,This chapter is3000word,That I owed everyone last night1000Words only paid back tonight。
First329chapter A dignity
Although everyone is here today for Chen Geng,But since Chen Geng said he won’t talk about it today,Everyone shut their mouths……No one is stupid,Chen Geng is upset,What good is it for me?