Obviously the person on the opposite side is still very afraid of Xiao Fan’s strength.,I don’t understand that Xiao Fan will not let his own people be taken away easily,It’s even less likely to put the people around you in a dangerous situation。

So the people over there should have expected Xiao Fan’s strength to be the same as before,Even stronger than before。Xiao Fan sneered in his heart,Such people still want to talk to Xiao Fan,Actually know Xiao Fan’s strength 。
You shouldn’t want to use such methods to hurt the people around Xiao Fan,Or want to threaten Xiao Fan,Use this method to test Xiao Fan,It’s really not a wise move,If you really want to 。
I should challenge Xiao Fan in an open manner,At that time Xiao Fan will definitely let him understand what a real strong is,Let them understand what they should do to truly know Xiao Fan’s strength。
Now they are just getting into the mouth,It’s really going to die,It’s just that these people around Xiao Fan are a group of shields,So the people above don’t care about their life or death at all,They are just working for others at this moment。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Five Goat into the mouth
Then Xiao Fan didn’t think about other things,He wants to solve these things as soon as possible,Then he called Yiming and said:“how about it,Have Shen Lin and Su Ran already gone back over there??
All the brothers have returned to a safe place, right,I will take care of the matter here,So don’t worry,As for where you need help,Then you will also need a mission。
But it’s not used for now,Because these people are stupid,No need to do other things for now,So you can handle your own affairs right now。”
Yiming said on the phone:“Got it,Boss, you must pay attention to your safety,After all, these people always change other ways,Always use some small means,If you still use some insidious methods。
Then you have to be more careful。”Xiao Fan smiled and said:“I will take care of all these things I know,Don’t worry,You just need to do your own thing well,And you have to look at Yoona a lot。
If there is something else, please notify me in time,After all, if these people jump the wall in a hurry,Then do some other things,The most important thing for you now is the safety of each of you。
For many people, your safety is the most important,So don’t worry about other things for now。”Then he hung up as soon as he said yes。
Now Xiao Fan will free up his hands to deal with these people,So what exactly these people are going to do actually Xiao Fan knows well,But he still can’t do it for now,Because he wants to see what other things these people will do。