Endure the pain in the body,Get kicked out and stand up hard,A pair of furious eyes staring at,The blood left at the corner of the mouth turned into a hideous face。

If the eyes can kill,This woman has died thousands of times。
“Oh,You still have the strength to speak?”
Zong Xueqin is stubborn without saying anything,The feet didn’t touch the Qi Chong at all,But just the impact of qi caused a blood hole in his abdomen。
The gray sky is blowing a strong wind at this moment,The depressing atmosphere makes people unable to breathe。
Zong Xueqin didn’t kill Qi Chong directly,She played with him watching her sister suffer in such a place**And unable to rescue。
She wants to find all the suffering she suffered。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight Unknown
Tujia Manor Conference Room,The great elder who has always been steady is standing on one side,Hesitating。
I didn’t want to say,But I feel too sad not to say it,Then he turned to face Patriarch Tu:“Patriarch,Miss Zong……”
“what happened?”
Elder Tu Jia sighed:“Although the union has been plotting bad things,What do you want to do to us,but……But there is always some influence,Miss Zong is so tortured,I’m afraid something is wrong!”
indeed,There is no airtight wall in the world。
Even if everyone didn’t say,Privately has spread the Tujia’s brutal reputation,This is not good for Lingxiao City。
These days,Zong Xueqin was really cruel to the union people,Life deprivation is already very important,As a result, she even took away their human dignity,This……
Patriarch Tu opened his eyes,His eyes are deep and terrifying,Where does this power that no one understands comes from!