As for Indonesia,Not much better,We are learning4vObtained from IndonesiasutAfter the heavy line guided torpedo,Immediately put pressure on West Germany,West Germany illegally sold torpedoes to Indonesia4vThe reason for canceling Indonesia’s license qualification。

Since then30For many years,4vThe navy never got a torpedo by any means.,do not know either4vHow to extend the life of these torpedoes。
Pulled a bit far……
I heard Chen Geng’s words,Ingmar Spotnor’s eyebrows picked up instantly:“Mr. Fernandez,Are you sure?”
Chen Geng didn’t answer immediately,But first took a deep look at Ingmar Spotnor。
Ingmar Spotnor was uncomfortable by Chen Geng,Especially Chen Geng’s gaze,It’s almost like watching a big fool。
“If our products perform well in the Dutch and European markets,Of course we will promote the localization strategy,But in which country the factory was established,One depends on the investment environment,Another thing depends on the conditions of foreign investment promotion……Mr. Spotnor,Do you think this is true?”
Ingmar Spotnor immediately understood what Chen Geng meant:as long asamcEuropean strategy is progressing smoothly,In order to reduce costs by then,The implementation of local production in Europe is certain,But where will this factory be located?,Or to put it bluntly whether it will definitely be placed in the Netherlands?Let’s see what kind of preferential terms you can offer in the Netherlands.。
Your Netherlands has a large number of unemployed people under the impact of the economic crisis,Isn’t it in other European countries??Don’t other European countries need to deal with the huge unemployment population?
This is not the answer that Ingmar Spotnor wants most,He was anxious that Chen Geng would immediately promise to build a factory in Holland,But Chen Geng’s answer,Still let Ingmar Spotnor breathe a sigh of relief:Holland still has a chance。
That’s great。
Because I have clearly stated my attitude before,Chen Geng originally thought that the next meeting with Queen Beatrix was just a formality,But to Chen Geng’s surprise,Queen Beatrix actually chatted with Chen Geng about China again。
This year only45The year-old queen is very well maintained,Skin is radiant and tender,Doesn’t look like a middle-aged woman in her forties,On the contrary, it’s like a 30-year-old、Graceful young woman,She asked Chen Geng enthusiastically:“Mr. Fernandez,I noticed that you invested a lot of money in China,Not only invested in many factories in China,Even participated in the infrastructure construction of China,You are so optimistic about China’s future?”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”