Till now,Ye Fangzheng still regards Lu Menglin as an enemy sent by the Ning Palace,Because the timing of the opponent’s appearance is too coincidental。

Ye Fangzheng as a black blood cavalry guard boxing training,Always drunk,It’s a bit slow to enter the country,Until recently, I just broke through the 40th level.。
This is for those people of the same rank as him,It’s already a bit slow。
Because he advocates laying a good foundation,Keep improving the moves,To maximize the power,And before that,He has indeed managed to defeat the strong with the weak,Defeated opponents higher than yourself with low power,Make the army proud。
This time,Ye Fangzheng broke the fortieth level,At the delicate moment of consolidation,And he is waiting,Waiting for a place in Tianzun City。
Well known,For the strong gods,Level 40 is just the beginning,Is the starting point to truly step into the path of the strong,And at this gate,The powerhouse of the god nation who just broke the fortieth level,There is also an opportunity to greatly strengthen itself,Fusion magic weapon,As long as it can integrate a high-quality magic weapon,Will make one’s foundation more stable,Enter faster,The bursting power will only be stronger。
but,There are a lot of strong people at level 40,
A superb magic weapon is rare,So all the forces in the entire Tianzun God City are waiting,Waiting for the allocation of high-quality magic soldiers。
If it’s at this juncture,Ning Palace or the master of Yue Palace,Defeated Ye Fangzheng in a duel,And still with his best boxing skills,Another leapfrog challenge,This is for the Black Blood Cavalry Guards to compete for the spot,It’s definitely an extremely heavy blow。
But at the moment,Ye Fangzheng lost clearly,The other party did not commit fraud,But uprightly defeating him with boxing,And the most terrible thing is that the opponent’s level is lower than him,under these circumstances,The Black Blood Cavalry Guards really didn’t dare to embrace them,Otherwise, the whole army will lose face。
“Your boxing is good,Strong,Just unsure!I just broke the border, right??”Lu Menglin smiled,Asked。
Ye Fangzheng’s face sank,Grunt,Just as an answer。
“If i were you,This state now,You shouldn’t do it with people,Retreat alone,Be quiet,I figured out my kung fu,Can’t mess up,Not to worry!”
“What do you want?”Ye Fangzheng listened to this man,Feel a little strange,Can’t help but ask in surprise。
Lu Menglin stretched,Looked around,Smiled:“Not so good!You asked me to fight,It’s over!Shouldn’t it be time to go back to bed??Do you still want to fight again?forget it!You can’t beat me anyway!”