Chen Geng is not related to selling:“In my opinion, there are two ways,One is to learn from the Toyota Crown,Make this car a semi-independent brand,Have their own brandlogo,But it also exists in the Honda system;As for the second way,Take this car as an opportunity,Establish an independent high-end brand,Independent operation。”

Finished,Chen Geng looked at Kume is Zhi,As for Kume’s reluctance to straighten up……Then he bends well。
Kume Shiji has been stunned。
Chen Geng’s first suggestion did not surprise him,He actually thinks so,Since Toyota can play like this,Why can’t I play like this?Toyota can make a crown,Can Honda also build a high-end Honda brand?,But set up an independent high-end brand?
Kume Shiji shook his head almost subconsciously:“Chen Jun,Please elaborate on the first method……Ok,What do you think is a better name for this car?”
Reaction to Kume Shiji,Chen Geng was not surprised,The current Honda really can’t support an independent high-end brand:“Do you think‘Duke’how about it?”
“Duke?!”Kume Shiji’s eyes lit up。
The more you smack,Kume Shishi thinks the name is better,Crushed the Toyota Crown:Although the crown is noble,Very symbolic,But it’s a dead thing after all,It’s comparable“Duke”Sounds comfortable?
Speaking of the Duke,Many car enthusiasts who have a better understanding of Japanese cars in the 1980s and 1990s,The first reaction isY31withY33,or“The Duke of Nissan”,But the real name of the famous Duke Nissan is not“Nissanduke”,But“NissanCedric”,This one“Cedric”What do you think?Is actually a person’s name,CedricIs a beautiful man in ancient Greece,In ancient Greece, it is probably equivalent to the famous Wei Jie in ancient China.。But compared to the hapless Wei Jie,this“Cedric”Gentlemen and Duke,Much better than Wei Jie’s hapless kid。
For Nissan“Cedric”To name your own mid-size car,It means that the cars of this series are very beautiful,Like in ancient Greek legends“Cedric”same,Is a“Beautiful man in car”,“Duke”Just this NissanY31、Y33A name derived after the series models were introduced to China。
Also,“Cedric”Nowhere“Duke”or“Duke king”Sounds nice、Vigorous?“NissanCedric”It becomes“The Duke of Nissan”Instead of“Nissan Cedric”Up,But if you click the word,“duke”This time is the real“Duke”Knighthood。
Whether in the East or West title system,Dukes are the highest nobles second only to kings and princes,In the ancient times of China“Founding father”,For example, Cheng Yaojin, a hero of Wagang Village who has a wide reputation among Chinese folk,Lu Guogong,The duke,And analogy to the West is roughly equivalent to the Duke。
The more I think about it, the more I feel“Duke”ratio“Crown”Good Kume is Shi,Nodded almost without thinking:“Called the Duke!”