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            WEIHAI YANHUA
            SAFETY GLASS CO.,LTD.


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            1 ????
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            2 ????
            GB9656-2003《???? ????》
            JC/T512-93《??? ???? ??》
            KSL2007《???? ????》
            3  ??、??、??、?? ????
            3.1  ??
            a.?????GB9656-2003《????????》、KSL2007《????????》????? ???? ??? ???? ??,??? ????? ?????;
            3.2  ??
            3.2.1  ????
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            b. ????:????、?????box?? ??????? ?? ?? ??;
            c. ?? ?? ??? ???? ????。
            3.2.2  ??
            a.???? ??? ????? ??. ???? ????? ???
            b.??????? box?? ?????。?????? ??? ????5mm?? ?? ;??? box ?? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ??。
            c.??? ??500Kg ?? ??(??? ???? ????)
            d.?? box????:??、??、??、???、?????(?1)

            e.????????,????.?:???? box????:??、??、????(?2) KS??“ ”??12mm。

            3.2.3 ????
            a.?? ??box? ??(?1),??box???(?3)

            b.??? ????? ????。?2(????):??box ? ?????? (?2),????:KS??、??????(KS)?? ??????(KS)????、????、????、????、?????、KSL2007????。??box???(?4)

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            b. ??? ???? ??;
            c. ?????? ??,“????”;
            d. ????? ?? ???? ? ???? ??;
            e.?? ??? ???? ????。
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            3.4.1  ????
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            Weihai Yanhua Safety Glass Co., LTD
            Automobile safety glass labeling, handling, packaging, storage, installation, use, scrap instructions

            1 Scope of application
            This instruction applies to the process of marking, handling, packaging, storage, installation, use and scrapping of safety glass for automobiles produced by our company
            2 Reference Standards
            Gb9656-2003 safety Glass for Automobile
            JC/T512-93 Automobile Safety Glass Packaging
            GB191 "Packaging, Storage and Transportation Pictorial Signs"
            KSL2007 "Safety Glass for Automobiles"
            Technical requirements for identification, handling, packaging and storage
            3.1 products
            A. After inspection, the product meets the requirements of GB9656-2003 "Safety Glass for Automobile" and KSL2007 "Safety Glass for Automobile"; Or has met the customer's special requirements, the inspection personnel inspection can be packaged;
            B. Product marks (such as CCC and trademark) shall be permanent, non-bruising, traceable, clear, easy to read and remember. See YH3-2-51 "Instructions for use of Automobile Safety Glass Permanent Label of Yanhua Company".
            3.2 the packing
            3.2.1 Packaging Materials
            A. Packing case: the materials used in the packing case shall be strong enough to facilitate loading, unloading and shoveling and ensure that the product quality will not be affected during normal storage and transportation.
            B. Lining paper: Lining paper or other light and soft materials shall be used as spacers or fillers between each piece of glass and between glass and packing case to prevent damage to glass;
            C. Other auxiliary materials can be determined according to customer requirements.
            3.2.2 packing
            A. Safety glass should be packed in the same direction and placed vertically. Each piece of glass should be close together and lined with lining paper
            B. Protective measures, if necessary, the bottom of the box should have soft padding, such as rubber and plastic board, etc. The nail fixing the liner should be 5mm or so lower than the liner or glued to the bottom of the case with adhesive; Foamed board should be used between the glass and the packing case to prevent the glass from moving during handling or transportation.
            C. The total weight of the packed parts shall not exceed 500Kg (if the customer has other requirements, it will be handled separately)
            D. General packing list includes: product name, model, quantity, quality, inspector, date of delivery, as shown in Figure 1:

            E. If customers have special requirements, it will be handled separately. For example, the packing list of products exported to South Korea includes product name, nominal thickness and type of glass. Figure 2: The diameter of the KS certification mark is 12mm.

            3.2.3 Packaging label
            A. There should be eye-catching and indelible marks on the outer surface of the product packing box as shown in Figure 1, and the structure of the packing box as shown in Figure 3.

            B. Special requirements of customers will be handled separately. Figure 2 (Korean products) : there should be inscrutable marks on conspicuous places in product packing boxes, as shown in Figure 2, including KS mark, Korean Industrial Standard (KS) name or Korean Industrial Standard (KS) number, certification number, manufacturing year, month and date, manufacturer name or abbreviation, certification authority name, KSL2007 logo. See Figure 4 for the structure of the packing case

            3.3 the storage

            A. The container must be placed strictly according to the "up" mark;

            B. Different products should be stored in accordance with the content card, in order to avoid mixing and mispayment;

            C. Store according to storage time to facilitate "first-in, first-out";

            D. Inspect and evaluate the storage status of products from time to time, and complete the procedures in and out of storage;

            E. The packing case should be stored in a dry and ventilated room or shed, and the bottom of the packing case should be raised when necessary.

            3.4 handling

            3.4.1 Mode of transport

            By road transportation, other modes of transportation to be agreed by both parties.

            3.4.2 Transportation Protection

            A. Rain protection facilities shall be provided;

            B. During transportation, the packing boxes should be placed according to the "up" mark, not flat or inclined;

            C. During transportation, the length of the glass boxes should be in the same direction as that of the vehicle. The boxes should be close together, and measures should be taken to prevent tipping.

            Instruction of assembly and construction method

            4.1 Installation Method

            1) In order to prevent damage during transportation, the produced products shall be packed in boxes, racks or in the form of packaging required by the customer and sent to the place agreed upon by both parties.

            2) The installation process should be handled with care to prevent glass breakage.

            3) During installation, installation personnel should use protective equipment to prevent glass from breaking and wounding.

            4) When installing, use a soft rubber hammer to tap the installation part to prevent the glass from breaking.

            5) Other matters not mentioned are subject to the agreement between the parties.

            4.2 Precautions during Installation

            1) The delivered products shall be checked and confirmed by the customer before installation.

            2) When the packaging needs to be recycled, it needs to be properly preserved; Waste prevents pollution of the environment.

            3) The delivered products should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse before installation to prevent dampness, rain or heavy impact.

            5 Precautions for Use

            1) It is not recommended to clean the glass with cold water immediately after high temperature exposure to prevent glass breakage

            2) In winter defrost, do not use hot water to clean the glass, to prevent the temperature difference ambassador glass broken

            3) Clean the front windshield, try to use the specified window cleaner. Because the cleaning liquid added to dissolve oil, improve the glass wetting interface components, conducive to the maintenance of glass; When there is snow, ice, mud blocks, dry bird droppings and other obstacles on the glass, do not use the wiper, otherwise it will cause damage to the wiper blade, wiper motor and glass damage.

            6. Scrap treatment of glass

            1) The technical performance of automotive glass manufacturing secondary products is lower than that of primary products, so they are mainly used to manufacture all kinds of glass bottles or other glass products. Automotive glass in addition to the traditional glass, is now widely used in order to improve the strength of the sandwich glass. The so-called laminated glass is sandwiched between two layers of ordinary glass with a high molecular polymer layer to increase the safety of the glass. This glass recovery allows the laminated glass to be heated to the softening temperature of the intermediate polymer, thus separating the glass and polymer and recycling them separately.

            2) If it cannot be recycled, please classify the waste glass and discard it in the trash bin in accordance with environmental protection requirements to avoid environmental pollution.


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