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            WEIHAI YANHUA
            SAFETY GLASS CO.,LTD.


            +86 (0)631 570 2800

            Add:No.30 jinshan Road, Chucun Town, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,Weihai,Shandong Province

            Company Profile

            Company Profile

            Weihai Yanhua Safety Glass Co.,Ltd.

                   Weihai Yanhua Safety Glass Co.,Ltd. is located the Weihai torch high technology and new technology industry at the beginning of development zone Chucun,the immediate beautiful smooth smoke prestige highway, the environment fresh、 the transportation facilitates extremely.The company had been established in 1996, simultaneously pressed the ISO9000 series standard to establish the quality control system,namely passed the quality control system and the compulsory product authentication factory verification in the same year;The company persisted “produces the product which the customer satisfies, provides the service which the customer satisfies.

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                   The improvement、 the innovation、 practicall management idea.For several years in the scale、the technology、the management, pursue the development unceasingly, from only can produce the sole armored glass the small business, develop may simultaneously give many vehicle entire vehicles necessary (have suitable scale) the private enterprise,had has yearly produced ultra 1,000,000 square each kind of automobile glass the production with the workshop, the glass processing production line, the well-trained each kind of personnel and satisfies the automobile glass performance requirement the check-out facility.The production equipment has the automatic shape to cut machine、the automatic machine for edging、the automatic even curved toughening furnace、the automatic hyperboloid toughening furnace、the automatic serial bending furnace、the automatic autoclave and so on,raw material uses domestic high quality floats the law glass and the PVB film produces the high quality the laminated glass and the tempered glass.Several annual products have obtained the national security glass “3C”continuously the authentication qualified examination with the American DOT product authentication.For many years for domestic Chinese Heavy Steam Truck Limited liability company、 commercial vehicle limited company、 Zibo Automotive factory、 Rongcheng China Peaceful Automobile Limited company and so on many automotive factories、vehicle for agriculture purpose factory necessary, obtained the customer demand to be satisfied, the product also exported world several countries and the area.

                   The company while organizes the fine profit production, raises own management level unceasingly, in 2004 and the correlation service components organization applies GB/T19001-2000 according to the ISO/TS16949:2002 quality control system automobile production the special request,the conformity proper mass management system, process all staff more than year of endeavors, passed the correlation international authentication organization's factory verification in May, 2006, has obtained the ISO/TS16949:2002 standard authentication, to further improved the product quality and satisfies the customer request to provide the safeguard.We are willing with the domestic and foreign automobile manufacturer, the sale on commission department, the automobile to service department absolute sincerity cooperations and so on the mesh point and building, decoration, provides the quality product and the first-class service.

                   Our company product mainly to use in each kind of automobile、the vehicle for agriculture purpose glass, including laminated glass、tempered glass、area tempered glass、 construction glass、 decoration glass。Laminated glass including 4.76mm above various units,tempered glass including 3.2mm above various units。 The customer may provide the project standard to make the processing basis,but also may carry on the new variety according to the customer request the development and the development.


            Weihai Yanhua Safety Glass Co.,Ltd.

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            Add:No.30 jinshan Road, Chucun Town,
            Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,
            Weihai,Shandong Province
            Tel:+86 (0)631 570 2800