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            WEIHAI YANHUA
            SAFETY GLASS CO.,LTD.


            +86 (0)631 570 2800

            Add:No.30 jinshan Road, Chucun Town, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,Weihai,Shandong Province

            cab assembly
            • Cab assembly
            Cab assembly

            Category:cab assembly

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            The products and services in the auto parts, auto repair, fleet and foreign trade industry, the company set production, distribution, agency for one mode of operation, for customers to provide quality guarantee. Company for many years adhering to the norms of a sound business style, honest and trustworthy business principles. The distribution and design for the cab assembly and heavy truck cab shell manufacturing home. My company has exquisite research and development technology and abundant production and manufacturing comprehensive ability, rich experience and experience for many years of industry services, the achievements of today's us! Our company has perfect product quality assurance system and product after-sales service network, the consistent quality of products and user demand put in the first place, and according to different customer needs, provide tailor-made services.

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            Add:No.30 jinshan Road, Chucun Town,
            Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,
            Weihai,Shandong Province
            Tel:+86 (0)631 570 2800