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            Automobile tempered glass several different heating methods!

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            Because of the furnace structure, glass varieties, glass heating rate requirements are different and need to use a main or a variety of combined heating methods.
            Because of the furnace structure, glass varieties, glass heating rate requirements are different and need to use a main or a variety of combined heating methods.

            1. Corner glass heating: the production of corner glass heating furnace, furnace body upper, lower and side are provided with electric heating wire, each group of furnace wire can independently adjust the temperature, furnace body is divided into three areas, each area has a partition in the middle, can separate temperature control heat preservation. The upper heating wire of the furnace cavity is covered with stainless steel plate to increase the uniformity of radiation heat transfer. The upper surface of the glass is heated by radiation, and the lower surface is heat transfer by radiation frame. Because the forming tire absorbs part of the heat energy, the lower temperature is set 20-30℃ higher than the upper.

            2. Side window heating: the heating furnace for side window glass production has different structures, and the heating furnace is divided into 10 zones. Electric heating wires are arranged on the upper, lower and side of the furnace body, and the axial flow fan is added on the upper part to heat the glass by forced convection. The main purpose of this convection heating mode is to heat the glass evenly and reduce the roller print produced when the ceramic roller transfers the glass. There is partition between each partition, each partition independently set and adjust the temperature, heating curve. Due to forced convection, the air from the upper part of the furnace blows down causing heat loss from the upper part, and the upper temperature is set 20℃ higher than normal.

            3. Heating of rear window glass: heating furnace for the production of rear window glass, the upper part of the furnace body is semicircular arch, the upper electric heating wire is set according to the shape of the furnace body, the bottom electric heating wire is covered with stainless steel plate, heating steel plate by the furnace wire, and then the steel plate generates heat radiation heating glass, compared with direct heating of furnace wire, has the following advantages: (1) The surface area of the steel plate is large, and its radiation is much more uniform than that of the furnace wire directly heating the glass; (2) Steel plate as energy storage element, stored in a huge amount of energy, can continuously provide the glass with the required heat, to ensure that the furnace temperature as uniform as possible, small fluctuation; (3) High heating efficiency, large heat storage. Two forced convectors are installed in zone 1 and zone 2 of the furnace respectively. The heating method is radiation heating and convection heating. The convector mainly makes the temperature field in the furnace more uniform, while the convection heating directly acts on the glass in the same side window is different. If the structure is used, it is not conducive to the convection of hot air. Because of the large area of the rear window, the glass is transmitted in the same way as the side window glass.


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