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            WEIHAI YANHUA
            SAFETY GLASS CO.,LTD.

            ABOUT YANHUA

            ABOUT US

            Weihai Yanhua Safety Glass Co., LTD. founded in 1996, is located in Chucun Town, Weihai High-tech industrial Development Zone, close to the beautiful and smooth Yanhua Expressway, with fresh environment and convenient transportation. Is a professional automobile safety glass production and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises.

            In the past few years in the scale, technology, management, constantly pursue development, from the production of a single tempered glass small enterprise, to develop into a variety of safety glass, at the same time to....To More>>

            • Registered Capital


              million ¥
            • Plant Area


            • Capacity Of Production


              million ㎡
            • Founded Since


            • Aluminum Window Sash

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            • Machinery Vehicles

              Dong 'an Black Panther Group Co., LTD. Dezhou Fulu Automobile Co., LTD. Rongcheng Haishan Machinery Factory;

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            • Automobile Vehicles

              Zibo Automobile Factory; Huatai Automobile Co., LTD. Commercial vehicle companies; Sinotruk Truck Corporation; (Korea) Dobo Precision Industry Co., LTD

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            • Customized Yacht Glass & Railroad Vehicle Glass

              Weiao Rail Vehicle Door System (Qingdao) Co., LTD. Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship Co., LTD. Weihai Zhunei Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Ship Co., Ltd.

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            • Aluminum Window Sash

            • Machinery Vehicles

            • Automobile Vehicles

            • Watercraft


            product center

            BRAND IMAGE

            Brand image

            According to the special requirements of ISO/TS16949:2002 for automotive suppliers, the quality management system is integrated, and the product marketing network covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and has been widely praised by users in various industries.

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            • Supports


              "Improvement, innovation, pragmatic" is our quality policy, but also our goal of all tobacco Chinese.

            • Testing Equipment


              Each product, like a masterpiece of art, excellence, and strive for quality.

            • Equipment


              We are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to provide quality products and services.


            • Why does car glass have glued and toughened glass?


              Automobile glass has different configurations with its function, importance and economy. The front gear glass is important. Once an accident occurs, it is almost impossible for the front gear glass

            • How to tell whether automobile glass is tempered glass?


              Toughened glass is the glass product that uses more commonly at present, not only often use at building adornment, to safety the occasion that has a requirement also can use it, toughened glass and the biggest distinction of common glass is intensity big

            • Automobile tempered glass several different heating methods!


              Because of the furnace structure, glass varieties, glass heating rate requirements are different and need to use a main or a variety of combined heating methods.

            • Automobile windshield maintenance method


              There are many kinds of glass water sold on the domestic market now, but it is mainly divided into three kinds: summer glass water, winter anti-freeze glass water and special anti-freeze glass water. Among them


            Weihai Yanhua Safety Glass Co.,Ltd.

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