Du Xiaogang: Create a demonstration zone of high -quality development concept to practice new development concepts

Original title: Du Xiaogang, a high -quality development demonstration zone of building a new development concept, was interviewed by Du Xiaogang. On the 8th, Wu Sheng, a reporter from this newspaper, Du Xiaogang, a representative of the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, was a guest "’New Xiaohua’ two sessions". Focusing on government work reports, we will talk about how to speed up the construction of a high -quality development demonstration zone in the new development concept. In the journey, write a new chapter in Wuxi Modernization. Xinxiaohua: Government work report puts stable growth in a more prominent position. How can Wuxi adhere to the stability of the characters and seek progress in stability, and strive to complete this year’s goal and task? Du Xiaogang: As an important pole of the development of the province, Wuxi is the main tone that runs through the year’s work, and contributes to the province’s development stability and more. Essence

Stabilize the demand side, increase investment in the "two new and one heavy" field, promote consumption quality and capacity, implement a three -year action plan for high -quality foreign trade, and use enough policy tools such as export tax refund, credit, credit insurance to ensure that fixed assets this year Investment of more than 450 billion yuan, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 8%, foreign trade import and export, and actual use of foreign capital to improve quality. Stabilize the supply side, implement key projects such as the development of strategic emerging industrial clusters, industrial foundation reconstruction, excellent industrial chain construction, future industrial cultivation, etc., establish and improve the industrial chain supply chain risk early warning mechanism, and implement the "one chain, one strategy, one measure" specialized specialty " Class services to maintain the safe and stable supply chain of the industrial chain. This time, I submitted suggestions on supporting Southern Jiangsu’s first batch of national manufacturing high -quality development pilot zones. It is suggested that the national functional departments increase their support from the aspects Promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

Stabilize the corporate side, comprehensively implement the policy such as tax reduction, tax reduction and fee reduction, and introduce the optimization of the business environment plan, improve the time, accuracy, and direct nature of the policy of benefiting the enterprise. To 12%, more than 15 new listed companies. Xinxiaohua: Government work report proposes to rely on innovation to improve the quality of development.

How can Wuxi focus on improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities and accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation? Du Xiaogang: We will put innovation at the core position of modernization construction, and accelerate the creation of domestic first -class and international influential scientific and technological innovation highlands.

The platform carrier climb to high, concentrate its strength to build innovative areas such as Taihu Bay Science and Technology Belt, Liangxi Science and Technology City, and promote the establishment of national laboratories in Taihu Laboratory, accelerate the creation of national technological innovation centers in three fields of supercomputing, chips, and photovoltaics to create to build More scientific research equipment carrying national strategic technology.

The development of technology enterprises has developed to the strong development of high -tech enterprises to cultivate a "small increase" actions, accelerate the creation of high -tech enterprises, technology -based SMEs, and young eagles, gazelle, and quasi -unicorn enterprises, and cultivate more innovative leading enterprises. Talent development has expanded to deeply, formulated the policy of talent research specialties, optimized and upgraded the "Taihu Talent Program", built a talented city of talents, and created a national high -level talent platform.

The innovation ecosystem is promoted to excellence, and high standards have been completed into the China (Wuxi) Intellectual Property Protection Center, giving full play to the role of newly established intellectual property courts, making Wuxi a highly active "science and technology free port". New Xiaohua: In -depth implementation of a new type of urbanization strategy, how can Wuxi compete for the national new type of urbanization high -quality development demonstration zone? Du Xiaogang: This time I submitted suggestions on the construction of a national new -type urbanization high -quality development demonstration zone in Jiangsu and the pre -practice of Southern Jiangsu. It is recommended that the national level fully considers that Jiangsu is one of the areas with rapid urbanization and good quality in the country. The foundation conditions are the first to explore and break through the "in -depth promotion of a new type of urbanization strategy with human -artistic core", thereby supporting Jiangsu to strive to create a national new type of urbanization high -quality development demonstration zone, and use Wuxi and other southern cities as the pioneering zone to provide providing providing providing districts to provide providing providing districts and provide it to provide providing as the pioneer zone and provide providing provides providing provides. More opportunities for reform and practice. Wuxi will compare the requirements of the demonstration area to closely follow the "integration" and "high quality", and strive to improve the energy level and functional quality of the city. Regional integration has taken a new step. Participate in the construction of the Shanghai Metropolitan Circle, accelerate the comprehensive and high -level collaboration with Suzhou, Changzhou in the fields of technology, industry, ecology, and people’s livelihood, and jointly build Su Xun Chang International metropolis area, strengthen the linkage of Xichangtai Cross -river, and accelerate construction Yangtze River Delta -Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Industrial Innovation Cooperation (Wuxi) Pilot Zone.

New improvement in the city’s integration, deepen the construction of tin Cheng and Xiyi co -development zone, accelerate the construction of major transportation infrastructure such as Jiangdao Channel, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the southern southern Shuangshuo international airport and the integration of Wuxi (Jiangyin) ports in Wuxi (Jiangyin). Future city and other functional areas. New development in urban and rural areas, in -depth implementation of urban renewal operations, coordinating the reconstruction of old communities, the construction of sponge cities, improvement of infrastructure, historical context, and solidly promoting the cleanest city construction in the country, and conscientiously implementing the national urban and rural areas of Ningxi Changjie District Area Implementation plan for the fusion development pilot zone.

Xinxiaohua: The government work report has made specific deployment around the promotion of green and low -carbon development. How can Wuxi lead the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development with the "double carbon" task? Du Xiaogang: The construction of ecological civilization is one of the work with high attention, high research and deployment, large research and deployment, large -scale investment, real responsibility, and good work. Deployment Promotion.

We will fully implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, strengthen the comprehensive governance of ecological environment, orderly promote carbon peak carbon neutrality, and promote the improvement of the quality of ecological environment.

Pay close attention to pollution prevention and control, go deep into the blue sky, blue water, and pure land to defend the battle, invest in a new round of Taihu governance projects of more than 10 billion yuan, and comprehensively start the construction of the model demonstration section of the Grand Canal Wuxi section and the "two river" improvement of the Liangxi River. 816 beautiful demonstration rivers and lakes construction, new urban sewage treatment capacity of 140,000 tons/day, general industrial solid waste collection and sorting capacity of 600,000 tons/year, ensuring that the proportion of the national and province’s examination surface is 100%, and ensure the average annual concentration concentration. 30 micrograms/cubic meters, and the ratio of excellent air exceeds 81%, ensuring that Taihu Safety Summer is for 15 consecutive years.

Pay close attention to carbon reduction and emission reduction, formulate a practical carbon peak carbon neutralization plan and action plan, focus on the development of new technologies such as new energy and energy storage, and charging of wind power, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, and build low -carbon in China Ecological cities and zero -carbon technology industrial parks, the "dual carbon" goals are smoothly and orderly.

Pay close attention to protection and repair, deepen the construction of Taihu Ecological Protection Circle, Jiangyin Yangtze River Ecological Security Demonstration Zone, and Yixing Ecological Protection Zone "one circle, two districts" construction, coordinate the governance of landscapes, forests, and grass and grass systems, improve the mechanism of ecological compensation and ecological product value realization mechanism, so that More green water and green mountains have become Jinshan Yinshan.

New Xiaohua: Government work report emphasizes that we must adhere to the people -centered development ideas and solidly promote common prosperity.

What new ideas do Wuxi has in promoting common prosperity to achieve substantial progress? Du Xiaogang: We will take the people’s longing for a better life as the starting point and end point of all work, and formulate a plan to promote the construction of a common prosperity demonstration area to build a common prosperous and happy city for the people. Divide to promote the increasing income of the people, implement the growth of middle -income group growth and residents ‘income ten years, and carry out the actions of high -quality employment promotion, the expansion of the number of residents’ income channels, increase the re -distribution adjustment of taxation, social security, transfer payment, etc., and vigorously develop public welfare charity. cause. Practice to optimize public services, carefully implement practical projects for private, improve quality and expand the "micro -happiness" people’s livelihood project, improve the "one old and one small" service system, build a city maternal center, children’s welfare home, botanical garden, natural museum and other major major major majority The livelihood project, accelerate the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt and the National Cultural Park. We are committed to promoting the development of safety, and at the end of caution, do a good job of preventing and controlling the normalization epidemic, implement the "four morning" requirements, compact the "Quartet" responsibilities, and build a strict line of defense to ensure the health of the people’s lives.

Promote the special rectification of safety development demonstration cities and safety production, and effectively protect the safety of the lives and property of the people. □ Reporter Wang Tuo (Editor -in -chief: Xiao Xiao, Tang Lulu) shared more people to see.