Ningxia Yanchi County launched a series of activities in the 2022 Wubo Sports Competition

  Xinhuanet Yinchuan, May 18th, on the 18th, 2021 "May 18 International Museum Day, Ningxia Great Wall Protection Day", "May 19 China Tourism Day" Cultural Tourism and Sports Competition series in the "Hometown of Sheep of China" – — The Great Wall Plaza of the Ancient City Tourism Zone of Yanzhou County kicked off.

The event will last until May 30. It is understood that this series of activities are hosted by Yanchi County Party Committee and Government. The theme of the event is "Encounter Chinese Culture Enjoy a Beautiful Journey".

Among them, the "I want to go" on the 2022 National Walking Links Day and the 7th "Wanwu You" Walking Incentive Competition (Yanchi Station), "Promoting the Great Wall Culture · Talking about the Great Wall Story" Great Wall Culture Showing and Propaganda and Protection Activities , "Passionate Salt Pond · Cool Midsummer" Cultural Tourism Cultural Tourism Grand Set the Literature and Art Show, "Dance Happy Life Blooming in the New Era" Square Dance Competition wonderful assembly.

  At the launching ceremony, the Great Wall protector issued an initiative to protect the Great Wall to the general public. At the same time, Zheng Huiling, member of the Standing Committee of the Yanchi County Party Committee and the Minister of Propaganda, carried out a promotion of the global tourism smart map of Yanchi.

The smart map covers the main scenic spots in Yanchi County. Visitors can scan the QR code in the map, check the real -view aerial map of 720 degrees, listen to voice explanations, and choose the scenic spots and tourist routes to visit.

  Yanchi County is located in the junction of seven counties in the four provinces of Shaanxi -Gansu -Ningmons. It is the old revolutionary district and the "China Open -Heaven Great Wall Museum". The Great Wall culture, red culture, farming culture blend and unique features. "In this event, we adopt a combination model of" Great Wall Protection+Rural Leisure+Sports Competition ", which will fully demonstrate the unique charm of Great Wall ruins culture, sports events, and rural leisure tourism.

"Liu Na, deputy secretary of the Yanchi County Party Committee and county head, said at the launching ceremony that the vibrant and open Yanzhou ancient city, the wide and strong Yanzhou grassland, the colorful Yanzhou folk customs, and the distinctive Yanzhou cuisine will definitely give tourists to the majority of tourists. Leave a beautiful and unforgettable impression.

It is also hoped that through this event, guests from Bayifang are widely invited to enter the salt pond, walking red journey, traveling to the ancient city, viewing ecological beauty, and delicious beach sheep.

  In recent years, Yanchi County has fully tapped cultural tourism resources such as "Red District, Green Salt Pond, and Ancient Great Wall", accelerated the construction of tourism demonstration counties in the whole region, and accumulated a total of more than 20 cultural tourism projects. Five tourism stations including the Great Wall Station, Hejia Courtyard, and Andingbao Tourism Station were completed. Yanzhou Ancient City Historical and Cultural Tourism Zone and Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Park successfully created it as a national 4A -level tourist attraction, which basically formed a global tourism development pattern of "one heart, three horizontal, one vertical and four verticals". (End) Editor in charge: Ji Guihong.