Longcheng Iron Rider trains more than thousands of people to "epidemics"

Faced with the recent situation of preventing and controlling the epidemic in the Qingxian County, Longcheng Iron Riding and the Special Service Brigade closely cooperate, do a good job of personnel transfer, flight escort, square compartment material transportation guarantee, comprehensively block the transmission of epidemic, scientifically adopt strong control,Safe and service measures, "high standards, zero mistakes, zero defects" complete personnel transfer and international flight diversion guard work.Longcheng Iron Rider actively cooperates with Wei Jian and other departments, do a good line plan in advance, dynamically grasp the road traffic, improve the safety early warning measures of vehicles, strictly implement the transfer of transfer of transportation, and make every effortTo "seamless connection", safe, stable, and orderly personnel transfer work to ensure that the transfer is safe and smooth.Zhang Yi, deputy captain of the mobile brigade of the traffic police detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Taiyuan City, said that in the face of a new round of outbreak, it will adhere to the work of inspection of the police forces in place, emphasize the deployment of the focus of prevention and control, and lead the team to complete the work.Happening.