Innovative industrial model helps collective economy development

  Taiping Township, Inner Mongolia has led the development model of the innovation industry with the party building, the collective economic development of the pilot village, and the accumulation of villagers to increase their income and become rich.

  Early in the first year of the New Year, Mu Xianhui in Qianshan Village was busy "taking birth" for the cattle in the cow shed, and the birth of "Niu Chu" added confidence in raising cattle to get rich. Mu Xianhui has been raising cattle since 2017, from the beginning of 3 cows, raising 10 cows now.

At a critical moment of breeding, the county party committee’s organization department supported the development of the village collective economy to borrow 50,000 yuan in the model of "village Niuhu", and the breeding scale was further developed. Like Mu Xianhui’s family, Yin Guohui’s Niu Da had twins on the fifth day of the year. The "Village Niuhuu" project formed a rich model of the village collective economy belt with "head geese leading navigation, Qunyan flying". Huang Yinchang, secretary of the Party Branch of Saiyinhua Village, has been busy recently. He has just participated in the "Ringzai Combat" of the Party Branch of the Full League of Rural Revitalization and the Lecture Hall of the Alliance Rural Revitalization. A new round of learning for demonstration training courses.

In 2015, Huang Yinchang began to raise cattle. Now his family has more than 130 cows, and after becoming rich, he leads the folks to get rich. Under his leadership, there are already 109 farmers in the village raising cattle, with 825 bulls and 10,000 yuan per capita.

In April 2021, the collective cattle farming project of Saiyinhua Village landed, 1,000 square meters of cattle house, 725 square meters of grass warehouses, and equipped with mixing all -in -one machines, crushing machines, and battery cars to achieve intelligent cattle farming.

The "Village Collective Bulls" project forms a wealthy mode of gathering fingers, concentration of advantageous resources, and "everyone picking firewood".

  "The village collective cattle farming project in our village was discussed only after a week, and it fully considered the issues of management and benefits after implementation.

"Liu Xuemin, secretary of the Party branch of Qianchang Village, told the author.

Democratic decision -making runs through the implementation of the village collective economic project every stage. Before the implementation, the village party organizations in accordance with the "four discussions and two open" working procedures, combined with the reality of the village conditions, prepared the village collective economic development plan, organized a party member meeting and villagers’ congress. Soliciting opinions and suggestions for party members and the masses to determine the development direction of the project.

During the implementation process, the party member meeting, the villagers’ congress, etc., summarized the promotion of the project, the investment of funds, and accepted the supervision of the party members and the masses. Strict implementation of collective asset management responsibilities, give full play to the duties of the village affairs supervision committee, and strengthen the income, use and supervision of collective economic funds.

Through the "three public publicity", the people have "understanding the accounts", which stimulates the active initiative of the masses, and escorted the collective economy of the village to run healthy and smoothly.

  The collective income of the village in Taiping Township reached 10,000 yuan in 2021, and each village reached an average of 10,000 yuan.

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