Do a good job in the construction of the party’s organizational system

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the 21st collective study of the Central Political Bureau, we must do a good job in the construction of the party’s organizational system, and continuously improve the institutionalization, standardization, and scientific level of the party’s organization construction. The important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping, deeply revealing the scientific law of "Governing the Country must first rule the party, the party is strict, from the strict claims", enhancing the system security issues of strengthening the party’s organization construction in the new era, with significant Theoretical Innovation Value and Practice Guiding Significance.

  I. Enhance the awareness of the system, put the system to the General Secretary of the Organization, General Secretary Xi Jinping, pointed out that institutional issues have a fundamental, global, stability, long-term; to build the system to build the important position of the party’s construction, More use system to govern the party, management rights, and treat the system to build to the system.

This requires us, strengthening the party’s organization construction, must enhance system awareness, strengthening system construction as an fundamental guarantee for improving the party’s construction and organizing work.

  Organization Construction is an important foundation for the party’s construction. In the history of revolution, construction, reform, our party has always put organized construction in a very important location. From the beginning, we pay attention to the design organization structure, improve organizational system, strict organizational discipline, and constrain member behavior. Constantly explore the law of organizational construction. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Pay attention to strengthening the party’s organization construction in the rule of law thinking and the rule of law, has been formulated, revised a number of principles, party work regulations, local party party committees, and rural work regulations, and rural areas, and rural areas. The party’s internal laws and regulations such as state-owned enterprises, institutions, and universities, etc., such as the party’s organizational system, etc., so that the party’s organizational system is more mature, more constitutive, and promoting the historical achievements of the party’s organizational construction, and historical changes.

  In September 1927, Comrade Mao Zedong led the Sanyuan Tuning Force of Xiangjiang Border to reach the Sanyan Village, Yongxin County, Jiangxi Province, and made a famous three bay to adapt, creatively propose and establish the principles and system of "branch building".

The picture shows the large drama "branch of the Jiangxi Provincial Drama Troupe).

The Organization Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party will be mapped to the development process of our party for nearly a hundred years.

Do a good job in the construction and organization of the new era, to enhance the system awareness, strengthen the rule of law thinking, and earnestly grasp the party’s organizational system construction, and focus on the organizational basis of the party’s organizational institutions, and implement the general requirements of the new era. Provide reliable system guarantees with the Organizational Route of the New Times.

  Second, improve the system system, and focus on improving the Quality Xi Jinping of the Party’s Organization System, the party’s internal law system is to be constructed as a major strategic task of the party’s long-term governance and the national Changzhi, and accelerate the construction of the party constitution. The party’s internal law is a cage that is supported by the internal laws and regulations.

This requires us to do a good job in the construction of the party’s organizational system, and must speed up the system short board with the spirit of reform and innovation, and promote the party’s organizational system. Place the starting point of the impact organizational system in "two maintenance". "Two Maintenance" is the highest political principles and fundamental political rules of our party, must be implemented in practical work. In the improvement of the organization system, we have implemented the implementation of the "two maintenance" system as the primary political task, and the general requirements of Xi Jinping’s important requirements of Jiangxi’s work are fully implemented to the organization system construction, and the system is guaranteed to ensure the reinforcement of party members. " Four awareness, firm "four confidence", do "two maintenance". Combined with the actual situation of Jiangxi Province, it has issued the "Political Quality of the Provincial Management Leading Cadres (Trial)". The evaluation mechanism resolutely blocks the "two sides".

At the same time, he highlights the organization of the centralized unified organizational system, strengthening and maintaining the centralized unified leadership of the party, improve the rules of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee and the Rules of the Committee, strict implementation of the reporting system, etc. Document provides strong institutional support for "two maintenance" to the whole province. Place the effort to the intensive organizational system in "up and down".

The provincial level, the central government, to the local, promote the construction of organizational system, must be based on the relevant provisions of the central government, combined with the local actual situation, through and down, organically connected to the process.

In the practice, we pay both attention to the requirements of the party’s organizational regulations and the Party Central Committee, which surrounds the centralized part of the central government within the central government, supporting the specific implementation rules; but also pays more mature, general Applicable experience is rising into system regulations, transforming into institutional arrangements, further improving complete organizational system, including organizational setting, organizing life, organizational operation, organizational management, organizational supervision, etc. In order to implement the work of the party’s support, we must inherit the "Branch Building" in accordance with the requirements of General Secretary of Xi Jinping. The "Branch is built", focusing on institutional construction, comprehensive implementation of grassroots party construction standardization, standardization, information construction From the strengthening of branch construction, integration places resources, driving center work, etc., effectively solve the "Broken Road" problem of "last kilometer".

In response to the party’s leadership to the grassroots "sludge" problem, we will focus on rural, street community major matters, and important work by the party organization discuss the mechanisms, promote the party’s leaders into state-owned corporate corporate governance, in order to promote the Party Central Committee The decision-making deployment implemented landing to strengthen the system guarantee. Place the foothold of the sound organization system in "pragmatic management".

Strengthening the construction of the party’s organization system, we must adhere to the problem-oriented, and to achieve precision policy, reinforcement of the pertinence, guiding, and scientificity of the system. We pay attention to the key difficulties of the long-term troubleship, find the destruction, real tricks, seeking new solutions; paying attention to problems and vulnerabilities in organizational system itself, supplement shortboard, strong weakness, and blind spots, ensuring the system Located, play, manage it.

In order to further motivate the new era of cadres, we will establish a time-to-misalignment and clarify the operation of fault tolerance and clarify the operation of fault tolerance and clarify the work of fault tolerance and clarify the work of fault tolerance. In the construction of the system, adhere to the method of French, in the event, pragmatic management, simple and easy, fully consider the differences in organizational architecture, functional responsibilities, and the local organization function positioning, organizational settings, and team status, To make specific problems, specific analysis, prevent simplification, one knife cut, prevent detachment, layers, and make each system of the introduction more accurate, more gratiation. Third, the implementation of the system, and effectively enhance the governance effectiveness of the party’s organizational system, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the development system is very important, and more importantly, it is to grasp the implementation, and the nine points will spend on this.

This requires us to do a good job in the construction of the party’s organizational system. If you can’t see how much files, you still have to do it, what is the actual effect, it is necessary to maintain the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation, strengthen the system of violations Rigidity, continuously enhance the management efficiency of the party’s organizational system. Improve execution capacity. As an important basis for the selection and evaluation evaluation of the system, the system, the assessment evaluation, let the compliance system, execute the system, let the system, and destroy the system.

Pay attention to the demonstration leading role of the key minority, promote the leading cadres at all levels, the management, the rules, rules, rules, and model implementation of the party’s organization system.

  Strengthen the supervision. Give full play to institutional efficacy, it is necessary to rely on external consciousness.

Adhere to the "Who Hosting, Who is implemented", introduce one to implement the implementation, truly let the iron regulations, let the ban live.

The implementation of the implementation of the important regulatory system, taking regular inspections, special inspections, self-examination and other means, and promoting the implementation of the regulatory system.

  Pay attention to accountability. Combined with the implementation of the Party Committee (Party Group), the implementation of the Party’s main responsibility provisions "," the Chinese Communist Party’s Party Regulations (Trial) "and other party regulations, further clarify the subject responsibility of the system, with strict attitude, Real measures to do a good job in the implementation of the party’s organizational system, form a first-level grading level, and grasp the good situation of implementation. The accountability of the accountability, the accountability of the accountability, the accountability of the accountability, the accountability of the accountability, the accountability of the accountability, the accountability of the accountability, the processes of the accountability.

  The Minister of Organizations: Minister of Organizational Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee.