Direct settlement of cross-provincial hospitalization fee covers more than 120,000 home network designated pharmaceutical institutions

Original title: Direct settlement of cross-provincial hospitalization fee covers the national medical insurance bureau news, currently cross-province’s deputy, medical and housing cost direct settlement services have covered all national provinces, all co-ordination areas, various entrant persons and major foreign people, 15 co-ordination area Direct settlement of five types of clinic slow disease related treatment costs.

  According to reports, there are currently a fixed-point medical institution in my country to achieve hospitalization costs.

Hospitalization costs and outpatient costs cross the provinces in different places have used "medical catalog, refreshing policies, medical management", and implement "first book, selected points, card code medical treatment" in the process. From January to November this year, the national hospitalization costs cross the provincial direct settlement, involving the medical expenses billion, the fund payment billion, the fund payment ratio is%, and the per capita reduces the pad pays 10,000 yuan.

At the same time, ordinary outpatient costs cross-province direct settlement also accelerate advancement. At the beginning of this year, on the basis of comprehensive pilot regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Chang Tijiao, the National Medical Insurance Bureau will further expand the Ministry of Finance to further expand cross-provincial direct settlement scope, new Shanxi and other 15 provinces are national outpatient pilot provinces, settlement by region The pilot steering is fully pushed. As of the end of November, all provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have been launched, covering the national campaign area, and the networked medical institutions exceed 120,000. Surveying the medical direct settlement work across the province’s departure system. At present, all national medical insurance service platforms can be implemented inter-provincial-in-laws in the medical insurance service platform. The public can directly log in to the national medical insurance service platform app, the state is subject to medical record small procedures or national government service platforms, or the medical insurance coordination area, designated medical institutions and other related information.

In addition, relying on the biometric identification, family accounts, etc., can also provide a brush face handling, relatives and other medical services. At present, the real-name users of the National Medical Insurance Service Platform APP have reached 100 million, including 90 million affiliated accounts, online successful proceedings of nearly 700,000.

  In addition, through medical insurance electronic vouchers, insured can achieve all medical insurance business across the country, and effectively improve the medical insurance business.

At present, the medical insurance electronic voucher is activated to activate the license user has exceeded 100 million. It has more than 340,000 fixed-point medical institutions, and more than 370,000 fixed-point retail pharmacies, providing a national unified identity of the national unified medical treatment, promoting the masses From the "card era" into the "code era".

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