97.89% Shenyang, visited the public to buy cold chain food to choose a domestic

Original title:% Shenyang has been visited by citizens to buy cold chain food to choose a domestic country to produce fresh foods favored by consumers.

Li Hao’s photo produced a fresh consumer trust January 25th, in the fresh area of ??a large supermarket in Shenyang, Mr. Li is viewing a box of product information behind fish packaging. He introduced the reporter that the recent imported cold chain food neogp pneumonia virus nucleic acid detection was frequently sent, and it was mainly fish production. If the origin is foreign, don’t consider buying, or the more people in China.

  In the near future, the residents of the Shenyang City Supervision Administration have been investigated, 100% of respondents have not continued to purchase imported cold chain food after discovering imported cold chain food. Incidents with% of respondents believe that the purchase of meat products and water products at this stage should choose a domestic product. At present, residents generally have an imported cold chain food, especially imported frozen water products, and there is a certain alert psychology, so it is more inclined to buy fresh food in the country. Most consumers have expressed the main reason for their change in their own consumption. The recent imported cold-chain food external packaging new coronal neoguan penetration is frequently sent, and it is more common for safety considerations. Domestic cold chain food consumption accounts to 86%, the import of cold-chain food consumption accounts for a decrease of 13%, and the country has produced fresh industries. The new opportunities have been welcomed. Recently, the imported frozen squid in the country, imported frozen bone beef, imported frozen Fish, imported frozen beef and other outer packaging samples, new crown pneumonia virus nucleic acid detection is positive. In this context, although approaching the Spring Festival, imported cold chain food is cold in Shenyang, some companies have more careful and sales of warehousing and sales of imported frozen foods, and the country produces freshly replaced. On January 25, the reporter learned from the Shenyang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that in the market survey of the Bureau,% of the person visited the public to choose domestic commodities when purchasing cold chain food, and the country produced fresh industries is ushering in new development opportunities. . Imported freshness into sales declines that obvious epidemic not only causes consumers to transform consumption concepts, but also transforms imported fresh storage, production and business enterprises. The person in charge of a cold chain logistics company in Shenyang told reporters that since the 2002 Decrease Prevention and Control Headquarters on the implementation of the special area management of the stored imported cold chain food, the import of cold chain food is strictly implemented. Special area management, batch detection, disinfection, information traceability. Affected by the epidemic, the import of cold chain food is significantly lower daily, and nearly 50% before the epidemic. At the same time, the country has produced fresh food daily storage, and the warehouse has grown nearly 30% more than the epidemic. . Recent imported cold chain food inventory, sales survey showed that imported cold chain food and domestic cold chain food consumption is approximately 20% and 80%, and the proportion of sales of imported cold chain food has gradually declined, domestic cold chain food Consumption has risen to 86% since December 2020, and the proportion of imported cold chain food consumption fell to about 13%. Shenyang Daily, Shen Daily Director of the Director Shang Zhiwen (Editor: Wang Swin, Danglong).