Chinese enterprises to invest in Latin America solid pace

  In recent years, the good momentum of steady improvement in the economic and trade cooperation between China and Latin American countries appear.

Last year, Latin America trade volume increased by% to $ 261.2 billion in 2013 is expected to reach $ 300 billion.

At present, China has become Latin America’s second largest trading partner and main source country of investment of Chinese enterprises to invest in Latin America is showing two important changes: First, more Chinese manufacturing companies began to set up factories in Latin America; the second is Chinese enterprises gradually adapt local regulations and environmental requirements, pay more attention to social responsibility. At the same time, Chinese enterprises to expand to automobiles, household appliances, electronics, aerospace, telecommunications and other areas of Latin America in the area of investment from the traditional areas of energy, mining, textiles and so on.

It can be said, Chinese enterprises to invest in Latin America more and more solid pace, the road become broader and broader.

  Manufacturing industry complementary investments help Earlier this month, China and the United States held Foton Cummins heavy truck project signing ceremony in Brazil.

In addition to vehicle exports, Foton Motor is preparing for its two parts plants in Brazil. Fukuda settled in Brazil is not the case. Latin America continue to increase investment in large-scale state-owned PetroChina, Sinopec, State Grid and aluminum at the same time, the Great Wall, Chery, Gree, Jianghuai, Hafei, Sany and a series of domestic brands began to set up factories manufacturing layout in Latin America. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, general manager of Mia bag area Rogerio told reporters that 70 percent of Brazilian export products as raw materials, but 90 percent of the manufactured goods are imported, mostly from China.

In recent years, JAC, Lifan, Chery and other domestic car companies set up factories in Brazil, which will improve Brazil’s industrial structure. Chinese manufacturing factories to enter Latin America, not only will drive local employment, will enhance the level of manufacturing in Latin America. Trinidad and Tobago West, director of Institute of International Relations, University of India Huaifeierde in the interview with this reporter, said that in addition to promoting employment in enterprises will also be more advanced technology, excellent products to Latin America and the Caribbean. Regulatory Research Center, University of Brasilia professor Neanderthal market Drew believes in the enterprise has a wealth of management experience, good technical innovation capability and market competitiveness, but also provides more favorable conditions in terms of selecting investors to Latin America, which just can and industrial development in Brazil and throughout Latin America complementary. According to this reporter learned Latin America Cooperation Fund was launched last year, will further promote Chinese enterprises to invest in Latin America.

The funds invested by the Chinese financial institutions in the first phase of $ 5.0 billion, while Latin American countries are welcome to participate in construction funds, joint investment cooperation projects in the fields of manufacturing, high technology, such as sustainable development. The norm and establish a good corporate reputation of Chinese enterprises in the process of expanding in Latin America, increasingly focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development, more attention to social responsibility, international concern.

  British International Institute for Environment and Development recently published survey showed that, in trade and investment activities in Latin America, Chinese companies are turning sustainability on a more important position.

Report lead author Emma Blackmore 24, in an interview with this reporter, said that some standardization practices overseas development of Chinese enterprises in the process of natural formation, integration with the international standards for its positive impact in Latin America and establish a good reputation laid a solid foundation.

  Report made special mention of China Aluminum mining project on the secret 鲁托罗莫乔 copper, that the company actively with the community on the relocation of extensive consultation and, ultimately, recognized by the local government and the community.

Material Aluminum Peruvian company to the newspaper reporter provided show that since 2007, the acquisition of secret 鲁特罗莫克 copper project, the company actively fulfill their social responsibilities. Before the project started, the aluminum Kingsmill on investment to build sewage treatment plants, to solve the water pollution problem for local government and residents for nearly 80 years, and to promote the employment of local residents.

Chinalco has also established a new town for the relocation of local residents, there are 92% of the residents of the election room, and there is about 80% completed the relocation of residents. The report concluded that most of the enterprises can quickly adapt to environmental regulations in Latin America, and to refer to the implementation of a series of national Chinese enterprises to invest overseas government in the formulation of the provisions which ensure that Chinese companies can gain a firm foothold in Latin America.

  Many respondents to comply with local law will broaden the impact of that, with the transformation of China’s economic structure, in the future there will be more enterprises to set up factories in Latin America, the biggest challenge they face is how to adapt to local investors are still regulations.

Blackmore believes that the first step in the rate of investment in Latin America is to respect the local cultural and legal aspects of management, adapted to the local business environment.

  Huawei Li Ke, president of the southern part of South America in an interview with this reporter, stressed the importance of adaptation to local regulations.

He said that Brazil is one of the world’s most stringent protection of labor, the most complex tax system of the country, "clarified the Brazilian tax system, to any country in the future will not be nervous because investment."

  According to reports, Huawei to enter Brazil 10 years in tax, employment, personnel training and improve the technical level and so on, have created tremendous wealth for the local community.

Only in 2011, Huawei’s purchase amount in Brazil reached US $ billion in direct and indirect creation of a million jobs. In the past three years, Huawei has accumulated $ 700 million in tax to the Brazilian government.

  Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs Policy Department former Director of Solis in the interview with this reporter, said that Chinese enterprises to enter Latin America, must be patient, be patient and understand the country’s labor laws related to investment in social security, be patient and do a good job before the project implementation environmental protection.

  Blackmore believes that investment in the country where strong legislative and enforcement constraints and pressure from investment partners, shareholders, civil society and consumers, although the enterprises in overseas regulatory action, but handled properly, help to broaden the influence prices.

  (Newspaper Brasilia June 25 electricity).