Beijing’s first bicycle special road pass passers-class exceed 3.18 million

  On May 31, the first bicycle special road in Beijing will be opened for the 2nd anniversary. Beijing Youth Daily reported from the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission that the bicycle special road has been opened for two years, with a total of 4,000-6,000 people in average, more than 800 tons of carbon emission reduction. In addition to the bus and subway, cycling bicycles have become a fixed choice for commuter families between returning to drag. Since the road, 800 tons have been accumulated on May 31, 2019, and the first bicycle dedicated road in Beijing opened. Specialized Lutong Qi Changping Huilongguan Tongxi Street and Wenhua Road intersection, the west to the upstairs, the intersection of Shangdi West Road, the whole length, set up two lanes and one tide lane.

  Yesterday 8:00, there were a commuter riding bicycle or sharing bicycle from the starting point into a special road.

At 9 o’clock, Mr. Zhang, who was engaged in the Internet industry, drove into a special road, told Beiqing reporters: "In Baidu Technology Park, if you take a subway, you need one and a half hours, and it is very crowded, 50 minutes of cycling is 50 minutes. Compared with the subway and taxi, riding is more fast and comfortable, and you can exercise. "Hu Ying, senior engineer of Beijing Transportation Development Research Institute, bicycle as a zero-carbon transportation method, minor car travel per person percentage Kriginal carbon dioxide.

The transformation of travel structures is important for "carbon neutrality". If a small car user transfer is carried out by bicycle, it can reduce 1 ton of carbon displacement in one year. From the perspective of the individual, "carbon neutral" is basically achieved. Beiqing reporter learned that as of mid-May, 2021, the accumulated use of bicycle special road has exceeded 3.18 million, with average 4000-6,000 days, and the average cycle is kilometers per person.

According to the transfer of bicycle dedicated road users, the bicycle dedicated road has contributed more than 800 tons of emission reduction. After the opening of the "Trush Iron Powder" bicycle special road, it provides a new choice for the daily commutation of office workers, and the bicycle travel has become the most cost-effective communication between returning to the dragon view and the Upper Software Park. According to the Beijing Transportation Research Institute

Among them, the early peak time is 8: 00-10: 00, and the evening peak time is 18: 00-21: 00, and the morning and evening peak hours have a total daily total ride amount of about 65%. At the same time, riding shows a clear tidal property, and the early peak is mainly in the direction of the return dragon to the top (living in the workplace), and the late peak is vice versa. In the morning and evening peak hours, the riding direction is consistent with the direction of the riding direction, which means that the bicycle dedicated road serves the commuters between the return of the dragon concept and the upper software park. After long-term monitoring, the bicycle special road has cultivated a group of "commuter iron powder", about 1,500 people.

  New 30 people’s face recognition cameras January 1, 2020, from the bicycle special road officially transferred to Changping District management, Changping District City Management Committee established a special road management center. Wang Xi, director of the Bicycle Special Road Management Center of Changping District, is being piloted in combination with scientific and technological management means to promote bicycle dedicated road. 30, new human face recognition cameras, double-sided display large screen 3, incorporate full line video surveillance system The Snow Engineering Platform in the whole district has exposed the violation of the riding behavior on the basis of promoting civilized cycling cases, and promotes the cultural habits of the public.

  Beiqing reporters noted that in the past two years, there have been many new changes along the bicycle special roads, such as replenishing many plants such as the roses along the line.

In addition, Changping District is based on the feedback on the cycling of the service area, the start of the special road, the end point sets the automatic sellers, selling mineral water and beverages to meet the requirements of the citizens.

  Text / This reporter Liu Yang.