Are you divided into four anemia?

Anemia, a word that often appears in our lives.

Whenever you dizziness, you can always hear someone to say that this is anemia. But is this true? What is the anemia? Anemia, using professional terminology means a clinical symptom of blood red blood cells peripheral blood red blood cells, lower than minus normal range.

Among them, hemoglobin concentration is a major standard of determining anemia, such as hemoglobin concentration> 90g / L but below standard value, is mild anemia, 60 to 90 g / l is moderate anemia. The main manifestations of anemia are symptoms such as pale, fatigue, dizziness, and rate of heart rate. The more severe anemia, the more obvious symptoms. (1) Insufficient hematopoietic raw materials:, for example, because there is a lack of iron deficiency anemia caused by iron elements, anemia caused by the lack of folic acid and vitamin B12; (2) Hematopoietic factory failure: such as regenerative disabilities anemia; (3) blood cell destruction Excessive: anemia caused by hemolytic anemia and rheumatic disease. Based on the above reasons, the common anemia has the following four types: iron deficiency anemia, giant aperture anemia, regenerative disorder anemia, medlar anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia is caused by the demand and supply imbalance of the body. Iron is a trace element necessary for human body, and is an important raw material for red blood cell hemoglobin. In addition to iron-deficient anemia, three meals diet also need to be balanced, in the process of iron, can not be in a large amount of food.

At the same time, coffee, strong tea, etc. will inhibit iron absorption and should be limited to Giant anemia is mainly folic acid, and vitamin B12 is lacking. The treatment method is also very simple, what is the lack of missing, but it should be noted that vitamin B12 lack of people or vitamin B12 and folic acid are lacking at the same time, and cannot be treated with folic acid alone. Regenerative obstacles anemia, use popular language, is bone marrow is not caused by blood. It is mainly manifested as low bone marrow hematopoietic function, ischemic cells reduce and anemia, bleeding, infection. For example, some of the radiopharmaceutics, the use of excessive chemical drugs is prone to regenerative disabilities.

Mediterranean anemia, but also known as marine anemia, is a set of hereditary small cytology anemia.

Unlike iron deficiency anemia, this type of patient cannot ingest too much iron, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive iron in the body, thus causing harm to the body. Also, have you a clear understanding of anemia? In daily life, patients with anemia should improve all kinds of bad habits, avoid fatigue, improve the body’s immunity; pay attention to the balance of diet.

This article is scientifically checked by Li Yanzhi, a senior teacher of the sixty-fifth middle school in Beijing.