The 8th "Good Reporter Speaking" Speech Competition in Fujian News Friends

Since September 1st (this reporter Wang Wei) On August 31, the provincial newspapers, the provincial newspapers, the provincial news workers association jointly hosted the eighth "good reporter" speech contest. Hold in Fujian Normal University.

24 journalists from all news units in the province, in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the work of news public opinion, celebrating the news report of the party, inheriting the red gene, San Ming medical reform, and true feelings , Kiss, respect, personally, personal, touching deeds, and new era of Fujian, get the audience’s enthusiastic response. After the judges, Xiamen Radio and Television Group Xiao Xin, Putian Radio and Television Station Wu Yan, Quanzhou Radio and Television Langsuoids Gold Award; Ningde People’s Broadcasting Station Cao Xinming, Minnan Daily, Li Wei, Nanping Radio and TV Station Chen Xiaoqiang, Longyan People’s Broadcasting Station Zhou Ying Silver Award; Provincial Broadcasting and Television Group Li Wei, Sun Lumei, Fujian Daily Su Yizheng, Sanming City Rong Media Center Kang Zongming, Yong’an City Rong Media Center Zhou Xuanzhen won the bronze award. After all the judges research, the Xiamen Radio and Television Group Xiao Xin, Putian City Radio and TV Station Wu Yan, Nanping Radio and Television Chen Xiaoqiang, on behalf of the national replacement held in Beijing.

Deputy Minister of the Provincial Party Committee, Chen Tianqi, director of the Civilization Office, at the Minister of Propaganda Department, Director of the Ministry of Civilization Office, said in a summary speech that the party’s journalists should be good, tell the story. One must be the topic guidance.

News work is a strong political business, and it is also a strong political work. It is only to keep in mind the duties, establish "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", to put public opinion The "wind direction" is firmly mastered in the hands, the moment, the moment, grasping the big potential, looking at the big things, not to put the story; second, the subject is touching.

Only touch the people warm, the story can reflect the people’s feelings, the story can tell the people in the hearts of the people. Only actively participate in the party history and enhance the "four-power" education practice work, effectively turn the style, change the wind, leaned down, calm down, inspect the truth, tell the truth, the true feelings, can practice the basic skills of the story; three The influence is extensive. All-round promotion high quality development beyond needs to gather together, and the province’s journalists need to be responsible for the "clarification and fallacy, distinct", and guide the people of the province’s objective real view. Winning players photo contestant style.