Tianzhu Long Group: "Pomelo" to the harvest season fruit farmer smile

Workers are picking grapefruit.

"Our grapefruit this is the fourth year of hanging fruit, and the output has increased year by year. Although this year is affected by the climate, it can reach 8 to 10,000 kilograms." Sun Pubao said that since the grapefruit has been good, The favor of the people, don’t sell every year. This year, they mainly sell from e-commerce. At present, he has received a big order from Guangdong customers. The major supermarkets in the county have come to the base wholesale take it.

The production is considerable, sales is not worn, Sun Pube’s smile is like the sun in the day, very brilliant.

On the day of the interview, there was just a group of tourists to drive to the base to pick the grapefruit. They opened five cars, everyone got a full, puzzle of the sack bag, can’t wait to go to the trunk of the vehicle.

"This base has a red heart, yellow heart pomelo, grapefruit moisture is very sufficient, eats fragrance cries, sweet, taste is very good. We have a lot of buying every year, give relatives and friends." Tourists Pan Hongxia said.