South Africa local government election results are officially released

People’s Daily Online Johannesburg, November 5 (Reporter Wang Lei) November 4, November 4, China announced the final result of the 2021 local government election in the South Africa.

A total of 213 cities, the ruling party African National Assembly (Non-China) won the elections in 161 cities in 213 cities across the country.

South Africa President Ramforton announced on the spot at the election results on the 4th, the 325 parties participated in this local election, and nearly 10,000 candidates participated, of which more than 1,500 were selected as an independent candidate.

However, according to the data released by the South African Independent Electoral Commission, only 12.3 million voters participated in voting in the country, and the voters of voters were less than 50%.It is reported that this is the end of the South Africa since the end of the racial isolation system, the sixth national local government election.

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