The whole army earnestly studied the spirit of improving the spirit of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, on July 8, was approved by the Central Military Commission. The Office of the Central Military Commission issued a notice, and the Madam President of the All-Trojan and the President of the General Assembly was deployed at the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party. Notice point out that the chairman of the President "Seven" is based on the major moments of our party, and the key nodes of the "two-year hundred years" history, look back on the glorious history, and painting the bright future, is a Marxist Program The literature is the political declaration of the Chinese Communists in the New Era, and in mind the mission. It is the guidelines of our party group to lead the people to make a history, and create future action guidelines. For the whole party’s all-party people, all the people of all nationalities, the whole, building socialist modern countries, The Chinese Dreams of the National Great Rejuvenation have a strong political significance, theoretical significance, and practical significance.

The notice requires that at all levels should implement the spirit of "July" important speech at all levels as a major political task during the current and future, further unifying ideological action, entering work practice, further enhancing the "four awareness", firm "four Confidence, "two maintenance", implement the president of the Military Commission, and all the actions heard from the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and President Chairman.

Notice points out that according to the clear key content in accordance with the General Office of the Communist Party of China, closely combine the actual leadership of the army, and focus on the fundamental of persistence of strong leaders in the Communist Party of China. Loyalty; focusing on understanding the theme of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, further enhancing political identity, theoretical identity, emotional identity, enhancing the trustee of the Party Central Committee, President Chair, focusing on the fundamental requirements of the second hundred years of struggle, In the new journey, it is more determined, more consciously remembers the initial mission, and creates a better future; focusing on understanding the party and the people’s expectations of the army, defending national sovereignty, safety, development interests with more powerful, more reliable means; Focus on understanding the spirit of the great Justice party, consciously promoting the glorious tradition, continued the red blood, and participated in the new era of strong military affairs with high spirits. Notice points to the work of studying and promoting the "July 1" important speech. Deepen learning education, regard the spirit of learning speech as the top priority of current theoretical armed work, as the core content of party history education, eating spiritual essence, grasp the core symbol.

Strengthening publicity and interpretation, the entire army party history learning education propaganda group launched the "menu" preaching service, the whole army held the theoretical seminar, admixing the media communication method, three-dimensional issuance of publicity and interpretation, extensive development of literary creation Cultural activities, create a learning and propaganda and implement a strong atmosphere. Join the fight against fight, strengthen the spirit of struggle, and do a good job in planning, forge the ability to win, and implement the spirit of the speech to the spirit of the preparation of war.

Strong Party’s organization, strict system implementation, strengthen the construction of the team, paying close attention to the righteousness, do a good job in the construction meeting of the military committee, the grassroots construction meeting "Next article".

The notice emphasizes that the party committees at all levels must conscientiously implement the party and the central government, the deployment requirements of the Central Military Commission, strengthen organizational leadership, compaction work responsibilities, and ensure that learning and propaganda is in depth. To strengthen political leadership, guide officers and soldiers to consciously do the new era of new era, Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, especially the firm beliefs and faithful practitioners of Xi Jinping Qiangjun’s thoughts. It is necessary to closely contact the actual situation, combine the learning theory with the parties, and the character combine the character, and the theoretical public opinion, the public opinion, the online network, enhance targeted effect.

It is necessary to adhere to the leadership lead, improve political ability, strengthen the mission responsibility, and always make a native style.

To strengthen supervision and inspection, inspection and inspection and guidance, etc., promote the majority of officers and men to keep in mind the initial mission, better performance.