The ring is price! On October 70 City, only four cities have risen

  The real estate market continues to cool down. On November 15, the official website of the National Bureau of Statistics issued the "Change of sales price in October 2021". "According to the data show that the sales price of commercial residential sales in October in October continues to slightly degrade. Whether it is a single-handed house or second-hand average price, the sales price of many towns has fallen, including more than 90% of the city’s second-hand housing price decline, and the number of cities reached 64. 52 urban new housing prices have declined in accordance with the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in October, the price of new housing is 13, which has increased significantly from the previous month, and the price of new housing declines up to 52.

The number of urban rises from the second-hand housing is reduced from 17 in September, which has declined in July; over 90% of urban second-hand housing prices have declined, and the number of cities reached 64. Recently, you must focus on the number of urban changes in housing prices. Yan Yuejun, the study of the study of the Easy Research Institute, Yan Jin, said in an interview with the Guangzhou Daily. In October, in October, the number of new housing prices in the new housing price is 52, which compared to 36 in September. .

This shows that the price reduction promotion of major cities is increased under the pressure and funds of the real estate market.

  The second-hand housing is more cool. Yan Yue continued to expire, from the number of urban prices from second-hand housing, as high as 64 cities in October, only 4 urban rings. This also shows that this wave of second-hand housing is nationwide. So followed by the perspective of real estate risk, it is also necessary to pay attention to it for this type of impact. In other words, the risk of the second-hand housing market is also expanding on the basis of the financial risks of housing enterprises.

  For the reason for the price drop in the price of second-hand housing in more nine-to-city, Li Yujia, Chief Researcher, Guangdong Provincial Housing Policy Research Center, said this is mainly due to two reasons: First, 15 cities have introduced second-hand housing reference price, guide loans, leading to leverage; Second, bank credit is more obvious to second-hand housing contractions. Therefore, even if the second-hand house price of the first-tier cities is also difficult to avoid falling trend.

  At the same time, the reporter noted that the second-hand housing in the first and second trip cities was priced. The data shows that the second-hand housing price index of the first and second lines in October is the increase in data, which is%,% and -%, respectively.

  The second-handed residential sales price of the first-tier city has been released from the National Bureau of Statistics. In October, the sales price of new commercial housing in the first-tier city is flat. Among them, Beijing and Shanghai have risen by% and%, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen have decreased% and% respectively.

The sales price of second-handed housing in the first-tier cities decreased in the same month, the same as the last month. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have decreased%,%,%, and% respectively. It can be seen that in October, Guangzhou in a first-tier city, no matter the one or two-handed houses, the decline is the largest, and the second-hand housing has fallen.

  The Chief Analyst of Ruiguang Buddha is reported to the Guangzhou Daily Full Media reporter, said that the Guangzhou real estate market is in-depth in the regulatory layer. Since June this year, the transaction will start rapidly, and the first half of the year is over 10,000 The set dropped to less than 7,000 sets in the past three months. After the second-hand housing was introduced in the transaction reference price, it was also reduced to the bottom of the valley in the past year. In October, the market is 5,206 sets, the market is quantified in the price, the volume continues to be sluggish will guide the price The pressure of the lowered, currently Guangzhou is not only frequent price reduction, but also the second-hand property market also turns into the landscape of the buyer’s market. Why is this main reason for the expansion of a second-hand house price in Guangzhou in October.

  The reporter noted that the data of Kesearch showed that the average price of second-hand transactions in Guangzhou 11 districts showed a decline. In addition to the flowership area, the chemical district decreased in about 2,000 yuan / square meter, and the remaining 9400 yuan ~ 9524 The decline in Yuan / square meter; the Tianhe District has average the second-hand average price of 53,887 yuan / square meter in October, which has dropped by 9524 yuan / square meter, Haizhu, Liwan and Nansha Three districts also dropped over 4,000 yuan / Square.

  First, the first batch of second-hand trading reference prices in the first batch of 96 communities at the end of August, the market sentiment brings a wave of high-priced second-hand housing in September, resulting in average price in September, and returned to real in October; secondly, the recent first-term Guangzhou The property has discounted promotion, with the price exchange, the market eye is attracted by a house market.

Xiao Wen Xiao analyzed that from recent policy orientation, the current market situation, central banks and other competent departments have actively released liquidity to relieve industry funds, and Guangzhou mortgage lending speed is also accelerating, objectively facilitates just need to enter the market, or have It helps second-hand housing transactions to fall back.