Pay attention! The 29 social organizations in Zhejiang illegally do not be deceived

  In order to further increase the intensity of the illegal social organization, improve the public’s awareness, give full play to social supervision, on November 17, Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau announced the list of 29 illegal social organizations, requested the public to be vigilant, Beware of being cheated.

  Illegal Social Organizations refer to organizational organizations that have not been registered by the civil affairs department, and continue to organize organizational activities with the name of social organizations after being revoked, including organizational organizations to prepare for activities during the establishment of the establishment.

Since September of this year, the civil affairs department at all levels of our province has continued to carry out a group of illegal social organizations in the high-pressure situation, and dispose of a group of illegal social organizations in accordance with the law, which has strongly hits the illegal social organization, and purifies the development of social organization. The environment maintains the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

  The sixth batch of illegal social organizations are as follows: [Zhejiang News +] Query Methods for Legal Society: Citizen Individuals, Enterprise Units and other agencies can log in to the Social Organization inquiry in Zhejiang Civil Affairs Office in the participation of social organization activities ( Http: ///) can also enter the "China Social Organization Government Service Platform inquiry the national legal registration" social organization (http: ///), avoiding being deceived. Reporting method: All worlds are discovered by illegal social organization activity clues, and can report to the Ministry of Public Organization Activities to the Ministry of Organization.

Advocate real-name reports, and reporters can provide personal information and contact information. The civil affairs department protects the legitimate rights and interests of the reporter according to law, and strictly confidential about the relevant information of the reporter.