The mountain red leaves are drunk colorful autumn

On November 1st, the two-sided layer of the Tianlongshan Highway of the Taniyuan, and the maple leaves in the mountains were like a fire, and the stream was in. Deep green, light green, light yellow, and sauce, various vegetation layers stacked, putting the Tianlong Mountain Highway to more and colorful, and the tourists who come in the name have raised the mobile phone to find "drunk" autumn.

Since this year, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan City has fully promoted the improvement of Tianlong Mountain Scenic Area, and the landscape supporting greening project has accumulated capital of 900 million yuan, with an area of ??about square kilometers. The focus on both sides of the Tianlong Mountain connection line, Xishan Tourism Road and other roads, and the harvesting of the mountains along the line is ecological repair, and the total green area is 130 hectares. Take a white pine, oil, Jinzhizi, Pentagon and other Joe irrigation wood, and ensure that it is planted, the control is a piece, the success is a piece, "Spring has flowers, summer green, autumn colored, winter context" The landscape effect, reproduce the magnificent scene of "Farming Xi Mountain like a picture, depressed". (Yang Runde, Cui Lixia) (Editor: Ma Yong, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see the recommended reading.