unless,Wilderness can break from the beginning,Put the line’s line advantage is firmly giventheshy。

LettheshyIn subsequent lines,Radiation this advantage。
This matter,It is easy to say,In fact, it is difficult to do.。
Vampire this place,No teacher in the previous period,It is also lacking eruption harm,Even more frank。
Let it go,On a line of life, it is the top level.。
But life,Don’t say that you can’t play in a small group battle.。Even in the wilderness came to the road to helpgankwhen,There is no way to play a positive role。
But don’t want to sayngIs a http://www.shiliuzhuang.cn branch person’s sex??
It is not so easy to know that you want to do this.,butngThat’s also to do this.。
His ideas are also very simple,First steady,Then go to protect their own way。
ngIt is very clear about your own three-way lines.。
Go up:Hunger,Operation is very boss,There will often be some incredible operations,But too self-confidence is easy to violent。
For this type,There will be a lot of care in the early stage.,Can’t let him fall into the situation in crash at the beginning。
Midway:Top-level,Wire group support,Are the existence of a professional league,It is also the custom sea in the team.。
For this medium,ngOnly one sentence:Truth, the peace of mind。
Laid down:ADCandtheshySame,It’s all the operation of the operation.,But ratiotheshyTo be more stable,carryTop level。
As for assistance,have to say,Liu Qingcong’s ability to walk consciousness and vision,Completedng。
And there are all in the three way,But at the same timecarryIn the case of capability,ngI have to face a happiness of happiness.。
Who is the choice?,Whoever comescarryGame?
After running in it for so long,ngI finally got a perfect conclusion。
Under normal circumstances,Pre-payment,Don’t let him crash,Then raiseADClet himcaryy。
In another case,Main mid-rhythm,LetADCI am free to die.。
Thisng,Just choose the tactics under normal circumstances。
After entering the finals,369It is also cautious in naked eye.。
but,He is still underestimatedngDeterrence。
Excavator directly reveals the top flight,Vampire is also enough to follow up。
But finally,Because the skills of vampire belt are flashed andTP,So harm after Jias flash,Still a worse。
This is the disadvantage of the vampire.,If this wavegank,Both parties exchange the hero,Then the end will completely different。
but,Play this effect,Also letngBe more satisfied。
after all,This wave of blood ghosts are not flashing。
Jess after returning to the city,It is also necessary toTPOn-line,Otherwise, the loss of the war is too much.。
so,This wave is equal to the flash of wild,Changed the double call of Jess。
ngSatisfied,Two minutes later,That is, the game time5Minute15second,The excavator is again coming to the road,Prepare for forced horses。
pity,This bohola is too timely,even ifIGThe two killed Jess。
But http://www.lightera.cn finally,The excavator is still replaced.。
I am a bit in my heart.,butngBut did not show any unpleasant。
He is no longer the front of the front.ngNS,After clear understanding of the talents of the palace,He also slowly developed towards the team。