Walking in Tianshui Pavilion,Received messages,Speeding up to the floor。

Not only them,Many monograms in the city also received similar news,Even out。
Just for a moment,Tianshui Pavilion is on the square square,People who have gathered dense。
These people are not messing upon,Instead, let’s find a cloud stone disc.。
Summer, etc.80Careers entering mysagadia,Sitting in the forefront。
After a moment,As if,Five shadows appeared over the square,Slow down。
Four women who wear a lot skirt,The middle is a woman who wins the snow-like woman.,Under the shroud of the mist,Transplanting a bright holy brilliant,White dress is moving with the wind,The peerless appearance is so dust and high。
It is Luo Water Road!It is also the Qing dynasty in the eyes of people.。
Tens of thousands of people sit still on the square,It is so quiet,All are dangerous,Looking up at the King of Qingyi in front。
Perhaps you don’t know the name of the King of the Qing dynasty.,But Tong Tianjing,I know this white woman,It is the strongest holy king in the road.。
It may even be the strongest five。
Numerous years of caregivers selection,Among them, the Holy King’s strong is willing to bow down in front of her.。
Just like the Eight-pole Holy King, the people who have a heartmaker deep,It has also become very respectful at this moment.。
Luo Water Road is not a breath,There is no release momentum。
She is in a light road,“First of all, congratulations to the new juncture80Caller,This selection strength is generally high,My heart is soaked。”
She paused,Also,“Some old protrusions should know,Crazy Holocaine is close,Hope new access,Can work with everyone,I can’t behave in the world.,But can bring a representative of heavy water, thank you.。”
“Still old,You are not affiliated with heavy water.,We are agreement,Also cooperating,I guide everyone to practice,And you have to listen to the assignment within a thousand years.,A thousand years later,I will listen to the respect。”
Luo Shui Road mainly said,“The heterogeneous space of the town is frequent,May decadre,May hundreds per year,An unavoidable battle is to start。”
“I have selected thirty-three strong people to pass the secret surgery.,Want to help me enter the core layer battle,And this new enterprise,There will be three people who got the secret surgery.,Join。”
Her eyes are in the forefront80People swee out,“They are eight poles、Xue Dongwei、summer。Before sorting the sacred peak,You can choose one of the monopolism.,Eighth pole,you first。”
One is watching on the eight pointed king。
He slowly stands http://www.naturebestow.cn up,Grateful,road,“I have long been a great name of the Holy King’s second yuan.,Mysterious,Powerful,I chose the second yuan God。”
Luo Water Road is slow,See Xue Dongwei,“And you,Xue Dongwei。”
Xue Dongwei also stood up,“Back to Holy King,I also choose the second yuan God,Don’t make him think,Participate in the guardian selection,Just to come here。”
The eyebrows of Luo Shui Dao are unable to check it.,Soon disappear,Looking over summer。
“summer,Don’t you choose the second Yuan God?”
Summer standing,Be in the face,“Disciple chooses too yin soul print。”
This sentence,More than the eight pole Holy King and Xue Dongwei stunned。
It is a thousand feathers.。
Previously she was deliberately,Be sure to choose the second yuan God。
And for summer analysis and deduction。
Below this situation,Eight http://www.365meiling.cn pole Holy King and Xue Dongwei choose the second Yuan Shen,So, in the summer, I also choose the second Yuan God.,The Qingwang is very likely to teach them.。
She didn’t expect that the summer didn’t even choose Tai Sheng Print.……what?
Qian Yu is again stunned again。
She is under the holy king,Why didn’t you hear too yin??