Yao Junli has two nice big eyes,Looked at Xia Jian from top to bottom,Only then laughed and stretched out her white tender and round little hand:“Hello Mr. Xia,Welcome to Convenience Hotel“

“Mr. Yao!“Xia Jian nodded very politely,Stretched his hand over,Two people shook it。
Wait for everyone to sit down,Xia Jian discovered,This Yao Junli is really not so beautiful。
First0252chapter Good things again and again
Xia Jian’s measure of beautiful women,Has its own standards,This Yao Junli is not only not tall or short,And neither fat nor thin,Especially the five-tube collocation makes people unable to spot any faults。
Madam boss, sit here,Natural treatment is different,The waiter immediately made the tea and brought it over,He Jing smiled and asked Xia Jian:“President Xia,My old classmate,Is it beautiful,But i tell you,My husband is also a rich man,Don’t hit her and pay attention”
Xia Jian hurriedly laughed,Only then did I find myself looking away。
Yao Junli pinched He Jing,Laughed:“You girl knows nonsense,Still don’t want to marry you,Is this Xia Jian you…”Yao Junli said,Take a look at Xia Jian。
He Jing hurriedly shouted:“Hey hey!Stop,People are the group boss,That can be seen as a car repairer,Moreover,My looks,It’s also http://www.donghai8.cn average,But can’t enter the eyes of others,But you…”He Jing talked but stopped。
“Hey!No joke like you,Besides, I’m angry,Talk business,What’s up with me?“Yao Junli said,Secretly glanced at Jian,These eyes made Xia Jian stunned。
He Jing stopped smiling now,Said seriously:“Their venture group came to our Pingdu City to invest,I fell in love with you in your room,Want to rent for a long time,I don’t need to talk about the latter,You figure it out!“
“Yo!It’s not easy,I heard Old Dong say,What kind of group is coming to Pingdu,But I never thought the boss of this group was so young,Speak!How many rooms can you use?“Yao Junli changed the topic,Into the topic,I can see that she is also a business manager。
Xia Jian took out his phone,Made a call to Wang Lin,After hanging up,He just said?Two single rooms,Two standard rooms,Three quadruple http://www.51weixi.cn rooms,About that much,It must be more than two months,Not enough room,We increase“
“it is good!We He Jing have all come forward,The price is naturally the best,Give you a deluxe room,Other rooms,50% off,what do you think?Yao Junli is very refreshing。
Xia Jian silently counted,Say immediately:“That’s great,Thank you Mr. Yao,You have someone draft an agreement,This matter is settled“
“Hi!Work between us,What protocol,This verbal agreement is already very useful,How about this!It’s time for dinner,If President Xia is willing to show her face,Let’s have a potluck together“Yao Junli said,Invited Xia Jian。
He Jingyi listen,Whispered:“See the sorrowful friend,Never invite me to dinner“
“You say!I invite you,No one can see the shadow,Where do i go please“Yao Junli said,I have to pinch He Jing。