“Too exaggerated brothers,How can I play like this??”

“No, no,I need oxygen,I am too excited about it.。”
“This wave advantage takes down,SKTThis is basically the basics of the previous period.,I don’t know how they want to pull back.。”
“Wuhu,This declares me unilaterally,IGIt has been half-footed on the wins online.。”
In this wave0Change2After http://www.power18.cn the battle battle,The purpose of both sides on the field,After all, only one party is successful。
SKTandIG,I want to fight with my own downwards.,Successfully opened this situation。
But finally,Because this wave is better reason,IGI finally became the winner。
And after this wave of war,SKTOf course, I don’t want to make the advantage on the court.,It’s easy to fall intoIGIn the hands。
so,They are in this time,Try to fight with a wave of group war fighting,Open the situation,I hope that the situation will turn the situation into the kind of confusing state.。
Competition war,IGOf course, it is impossible to occupy the wind.。
In general,The group battle after the field is a five-five-five-five,SKTThere are also extremely bright eyes.。
For example, on the spot12minute,Outbreak in this wave of small-scale group warfare。
Field12minute,SKTThe auxiliary Buron is taken back to the home first.。
butataIf you don’t say it is the only auxiliary locationSMatchFMVPPeople。
He added a state in the city,The first decision made,It is directly to manipulate the Buron.,Go to the middle road。
Liu Qingong is aware,But when he went to the middle,Already too late。
Buron came to the middle,Sierras is very decisive,DirectlyESkills,Instantly, close the distance between yourself and Schidra。
Buron is also in SelasEAfter the skill,Arrived in the battlefield。
rookieEven if it is facing such a clip,There is no panic,But it makes a most suitable,Also the most cost-effective operation。
Schindra directlyQEShot,Directions to Sierrat and Buron。
In fact, this time,The wild fields on both sides are almost about to arrive at the battlefield.,As long as Sindla can support this most deadly wavegank。
So nextSKTWant to kill him,Just a thing that is unlikely.。
But unfortunately,SKTDid not let this meat in my mouth,Directly flying down the idea。
Next second,Extremely amazing scenes appeared。
SindraQEWhile shooting,This battlefield,At the same time, there is two flashes and halo.。
Buron and Sierras,At the same time, I used flash to escape Sindra’sQE,Also instantaneous closer distance。
After the flash is handed over,Buron and Sierras have been decisive。
Sierras directlyESkills,Throw in the direction of Sindra。
The idea of Buron is also very clear,DirectlyQAfter the skill is,Connected http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn to a big trick。
Two deadly offensive,Sindla is naturally not to continue to stay in this battlefield.,Almost a second after the two people,rookieI have already handed over my own flashes.。
Two paragraphs of SerlessESkill,And BuronQ,Then I fell empty。
But in the next second,The most amazing in this wave battle,It is also the picture that makes the audience’s horror.。
Buron’s continuous extension,Finally extended to the feet of Sindla after flash,Hell from him。